Sales Expert Patrick Galang Enables Success Through His Enterprise, Setters & Closers

It cannot be denied that the sphere of business is riddled with challenges. While countless established authorities have already gained a foothold in their chosen trades, most of them admit to the fact that the road to success is never easy. As a matter of fact, a significant number of these accomplished figures have had some kind of help in solidifying their stellar reputation across their chosen fields. In cognizance of the rapid rise of the number of aspiring hopefuls throughout the years, Patrick Galang steps in to lend a helping hand to those wishing to get ahead through his enterprise, Setters & Closers.

Passionately founded in 2021 by a visionary, Setters & Closers is a company with the primary goal of serving as a catapulting device for established online entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide. In this day and age, where the commercial space has become increasingly cutthroat, Patrick Galang has found it inevitable to establish a company that is determined to take others to greater heights. Rising through the ranks, Setters & Closers is bound to take the industry by storm.

Setters & Closers is a commercial expert that helps coaches grow their businesses by creating sales strategies and building a team of sales professionals. It serves as a helping hand in increasing one’s visibility and boosting sales, enabling its clients to earn more income throughout their partnership. In other words, this trailblazing enterprise takes care of one of the most difficult parts of putting up a business so that entrepreneurs do not have to. 

On a mission to enable success and help clients translate their vision into action, Setters & Closers does not only propel online entrepreneurs and aspiring hopefuls but also creates strategies that are tailor-fitted for each business. It believes that every client is different in its composition and goals, therefore pushing a method that is brilliant and custom-made to best serve their needs. “We rarely offer our clients the same processes and systems,” shared Patrick Galang. “Our approach has always been customer-centric. Thus, we take it upon ourselves to deliver whatever unique needs that our clients may have,” he added.

Although Setters & Closers already boasts colors that exude promise, it would not have reached impressive heights had it not been for its founder, Patrick Galang. As a matter of fact, his expertise has led to the establishment of this emerging powerhouse. Prior to running Setters & Closers, Patrick spent over ten years as a director of sales at a financial planning firm in Australia. He managed a team of 70 sales professionals and generated over $75 million. After his stint with the firm, he went on and entered the world of online coaching. Inspired by the results he provided over the years, he decided to establish a company of his own. Thus, Setters & Closers came into existence.

As an acknowledged expert in the field, Patrick Galang is bound to cement his reputation even more solidly moving forward. By amplifying his vision of elevating clients’ businesses through Setters & Closers, he will remain an enabler of success in the future.


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