Rylee Meek on Using Faith and Leadership to Grow as Entrepreneurs

When someone starts a business and becomes an entrepreneur, they also become leaders. Leading a team or a company is a challenging endeavor, and the continued success of a person’s business is contingent on their leadership skills. Rylee Meek is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of The King’s Council. With the community he built through The King’s Council, Rylee has helped other CEOs and entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create transformational wealth. He has also authored several books on business and entrepreneurship. His newest book, The Kingdom Entrepreneur, is set to release in the first week of October.

Rylee Meek felt called to entrepreneurship from an early age. Since then, he has started eight separate companies. He built them from the ground up, taking them from zero and scaling them to a seven-figure profit. Two of those companies grew to rake in eight figures within the first year of operations. Over the last decade, his companies have generated close to 200 million dollars.

This seasoned CEO is also the author of three books that have become valuable resources to business owners. His book, Intentional Influence, is a guide for salespeople, business owners, or anyone who wants to understand how influencing others can benefit their companies and businesses. His second book is called Food for Thought, and here Rylee lays out his Social Dynamic Selling System, which he created for business owners who want to create predictable, sustainable, and scalable revenue. Finally, his upcoming book, The Kingdom Entrepreneur, helps business leaders and executives direct their business into one that centers on their faith. “My newest book is coming out in October, and I hope it reaches the people who need it and that it resonates with them deeply,” he shared.

The growth Rylee has seen in his businesses was instrumental in making him realize that one of his passions was helping other entrepreneurs grow as well. He built The King’s Council as a community designed to guide CEOs and equip them with the frameworks, tools, and systems they need to deploy their God-given vision to the marketplace. “In my mentoring, I focus primarily on leadership and systems for lead generation and sales,” Rylee shared. “If their products or services are good, my team and I can help them create a scalable system to help entrepreneurs grow their brand.”

As an entrepreneur, Rylee operates on the principle that success and faith in God go hand in hand. “With The King’s Council, I aim to create a community where faith-based entrepreneurs create wealth for the purpose of confirming God’s covenant on this earth. Likewise, I want to create a space where business leaders can collaborate for Kingdom Advancement,” the CEO shared.

Rylee also encourages others to lead by example, saying, “That’s what I do with my teams. I have always led from the front and will never ask my team to do anything I haven’t done or am unwilling to do myself. I have found that this is a great way for me to empower others to step into their own leadership roles.” 

Aside from being a successful business leader and author, the founder of The King’s Council is also a coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. Rylee Meek has also been a guest on several podcasts to share his unique take on business, leadership, and faith-centered entrepreneurship. “Good leadership is essential in steering your business towards success,” he explained. “And the mark of a good leader is the number of good leaders they have developed and not the number of followers they have.”


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