Ryan Savage DDS: The Maestro of Smile Makeovers

Ryan Savage DDS: The Maestro of Smile Makeovers
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Ryan Savage DDS, often referred to as the Smile Makeover GOAT, has achieved the status of a true virtuoso in the world of smile transformations. With a remarkable journey that spans 15 years in dentistry, he has emerged as Southern California’s preeminent veneer specialist. Savage blends his artistic passion with meticulous medical precision to craft what has become known as the #SAVAGESMILE. If you’re seeking the best veneers in LA or Orange County, there’s only one destination: Ryan Savage DDS. Don’t even think about it. Just go.

Hailing from a family of doctors and dentists, Savage felt a calling to combine his artistic talents with a commitment to medical care. With its unique blend of aesthetic creativity and clinical application, dentistry offered him the perfect avenue to express his passion. However, Savage also had a distinct vision to provide a new standard of dental care that went beyond the conventional. He envisioned an experience that prioritized both comfort and beauty.

Savage has executed his vision to perfection. He has redefined the world of veneers with his expertise in porcelain veneers, Emax veneers, and other dental reconstructions. However, it’s the unique vibe of the Ryan Savage DDS practice that truly sets him apart. A combination of carefully curated music, the option of laughing gas for relaxation, and a team of friendly and empathetic professionals make the dental experience unlike any other.

While relaxing is the last thing most clients associate with dentistry, at Ryan Savage DDS, they are able to do just that. Clients can unwind while their beautiful new smiles are meticulously designed, all while enjoying an environment that nurtures both physical and emotional well-being. This blend of aesthetics and atmosphere permeates through every stage of treatment, from the initial consultation to the final reveal of the stunning, customized #SAVAGESMILE.

However, Savage’s journey hasn’t been all smiles. Overcoming challenges has been an integral part of each step. Assembling a team capable of creating the client experience he wanted and developing the practice’s culture took years to establish. With unwavering determination, he created an environment where clients could feel entirely at ease, knowing they were in capable hands.

Regarding knowledge he would share with aspiring dentists, Savage cuts to the chase: “This specialty is not for the casual cosmetic dentist. You have to go 100% all in. It takes passion, a little bit of obsession, and a lot of attention to detail to perfect your craft.” This ethos has propelled him to also become known as the dentist celebrities and influencers choose as their “go-to.”

It’s also making him the “go-to” for global brands to associate with. He is currently in negotiations with Colgate to be their partnered dentist and brand ambassador. With this collaboration, he is poised to reach even greater heights. Yet his ambitions are even grander. Looking ahead, Savage envisions his practice as the definitive destination for those seeking the perfect smile. Beyond dentistry, he aspires to share his insights and knowledge, potentially appearing as an expert on TV shows and podcasts and contributing to discussions on a broader scale.

If you’re ready to claim your Savage Smile, the process is easy. Book your virtual consultation by sending a direct message with the words “Savage Smile” to @ryansavagedds on Instagram. The smile you always dreamed of awaits you.


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