Roger Pettingell of Coldwell Banker Realty is Chosen to Market Hunters Point Resort and Marina, a Waterfront Community in Manatee County, by Developer Pearl Homes

Roger Pettingell of Coldwell Banker Realty is Chosen to Market Hunters Point Resort and Marina, a Waterfront Community in Manatee County, by Developer Pearl Homes
Photo Credit: Roger Pettingell

In the realm of luxurious waterfront living, Hunters Point Resort and Marina, a striking development in Manatee County, Florida, has emerged as a beacon of elegance and sustainability. Spearheaded by the visionary partnership of renowned developer Pearl Homes and the expertise of Roger Pettingell from Coldwell Banker Realty, this exclusive enclave beckons homebuyers to embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes opulence with environmental consciousness.

Location, Location, Location: A Waterfront Oasis in Cortez

Situated in the idyllic setting of Cortez, just before the Cortez Bridge leading to Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria Island, Hunters Point stands as a testament to the allure of coastal living. With 86 luxurious homes gracing its landscape, this waterfront community offers easy access to pristine beaches, vibrant island life, and the natural splendors of the Florida Gulf Coast.

Sustainability at its Core: Redefining Eco-Friendly Living

What sets Hunters Point apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Each home within this community is equipped with cutting-edge features designed to minimize environmental impact. The list includes American-made solar panels that generate clean energy, reducing dependence on traditional electricity sources. Electric vehicle charging stations encourage eco-friendly transportation options, while water- and energy-saving features promote responsible resource consumption. Adding an extra layer of resilience, Sonnen Batterie systems act as backup power sources during outages, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.

Homes Designed for the Future: Marrying Luxury and Practicality

The residences at Hunters Point are not merely structures; they are meticulously crafted living spaces that embrace modern living. Open floor plans create a sense of spaciousness and flow, inviting natural light and fostering a connection with the stunning surroundings. High-quality finishes and materials exude elegance and sophistication, ensuring that each home is a masterpiece in itself. The crown jewel, however, lies in the flexible rooftop spaces, which can be transformed into stargazing observatories, putting greens, or other personalized havens.

A Match Made in Real Estate Heaven: Pearl Homes and Coldwell Banker Realty

Pearl Homes and Coldwell Banker Realty, through their collaboration, have brought Hunters Point to life. The synergy between Pearl Homes’ expertise in sustainable living and Coldwell Banker Realty’s market reach ensures that the community reflects a seamless blend of luxury and eco-conscious living.

“As the area’s top luxury waterfront real estate specialists, we are thrilled to represent Pearl Homes in the sales of Hunters Point. We are excited to market the sustainability features of Hunters Point, which we personally believe strongly in and see a demand for in the Sarasota/Manatee region,” commented Roger Pettingell.

“We are delighted to be working with Coldwell Banker Realty to take our groundbreaking Hunters Point sustainable, waterfront living, net-zero community forward. The reach and expertise Roger and Coldwell Banker bring to us will only lead to long-term success and the attraction of like-minded buyers to the community,” remarked Marshall Gobuty, Founder and CEO of Pearl Homes.

Hunters Point Resort and Marina: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

In essence, Hunters Point Resort and Marina represents a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and coastal living. For those seeking a home that reflects their values and provides unparalleled comfort and convenience, Hunters Point stands as an inviting haven. The collaboration between Pearl Homes and Coldwell Banker Realty has not only birthed a remarkable community but also set a precedent for future developments that seamlessly integrate opulence and environmental responsibility. As you explore the possibilities of coastal living, let Hunters Point be your guiding star toward a future where luxury and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.

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