Robert Kelly Jr – Facts, Wiki, and Biography of R. Kelly’s Son

New York City native Robert Kelly Jr. is a famous child actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The son of famed singer R. Kelly, 36-year-old Robert has amassed a fortune independently through his dedication to the entertainment industry and his recent ventures in real estate. Not only does he not have any of the same obstacles facing many celebrities’ children, but it also seems that he has achieved great success without his father’s fame or wealth behind him.


Robert Kelly Jr. was born on December 2, 2002. He is the son of Black music legend R. Kelly and Suzanne Kelly, who was a model at the time of his birth. He has two older brothers, Robert “Tootie” Kelly (born in 1986) and Jeffrey “Kee Dee” Kelly (born in 1990). He has one half-brother and one half-sister, Brandon R. Kelly and Kiki Kelly, children of R. Kelly and his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

As an actor, Robert first appeared in a guest role as himself on the series 3LW from 2003-2004. He later starred in several made-for-television films, including “Stuck on You,” “The Andreas,” and “Eugene.” When he was eight years old, he had a small supporting role in the 2005 film Love & Basketball as well as the 2004 film The Fighting Temptations.

About While in high school,

While in high school, Robert made an appearance. He was featured in the J-Swift music video “Blowin’ My Mind” in 2006. In 2007, he starred as himself and “Eugene” in the film Pageant Material. He also appeared in the television series The Naked Brothers Band, which aired on Nickelodeon from 2007-2009. His father’s record label, RCA Records, released a soundtrack for the series featuring his cover of John Mayer’s song “Gravity.”

Robert served as the executive producer of the film Love Chronicles, which was released in 2011. He also starred in a spin-off series from The Naked Brothers Band that aired on Nickelodeon from 2008-2009 called The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie.

In 2010, Robert moved from acting to music, starting a record label, Aftermath Entertainment. The company signed and featured artists like Lola Monroe and Ace B.C. They released the mixtape “Aftermath: R. Kelly, ” featuring guest appearances of Lil Wayne, Chingy, and Keyshia Cole. He also appeared in the music video for Ace B’s single “Party.”


1. Robert Kelly Jr. Net Worth: $ 6 million

Robert Kelly Jr.’s net worth is estimad to be $6 million as of August 2012, with an estimat annual salary of $500,000 from his acting roles and other endeavors. R Kelly’s son Robert is a name to watch out for in the future. The singer-turned-actor has already established an impressive career as a child actor and is sure to make the right contacts in his field.

2. Robert Kelly Jr’s Career: he started acting at the age of 4

Robert Kelly, born on December 2, 2002, became a child actor while still a toddler when his dad was still riding high with his hit R&B singles and albums. The young one feature with his dad in the “Honey Love” video and then play a role in his video “Down Low.”

 He appear with pop star Britney Spears on her reality show ‘Britney & Kevin: Chaotic as her brother’s friend. cast as himself in an episode of 3LW alongside his father. also appeared with his dad in the film ‘Stuck On You playing the role of an affectionate son.

has act alongside Denzel Washington and Beyonce Knowles in the famous 2005 film ‘The Fighting Temptations as one of the three young orphan children who get adopt by a gospel choir director played by Washington. Among his other notable roles to date is starring alongside Beyonce again, this time in her hit song ‘Naughty Girl,’ where he is portray as her younger brother. The music video was direct by Hype Williams and was release in May 2003. Later in the same year, he starred alongside Beyonce in ‘Carmen: A Hip Hopera.’

3. Robert Kelly Jr’s Family: his father is R Kelly

Robert Kelly Jr grew up as one of the famous kids of R & B crooner R. Kelly who is known to be a ladies’ man with several children out of wedlock. Robert Kelly Jr’s mother, Suzanne, was a model who had an affair with the R&B songwriter. Although she was the main baby mama of Robert Kelly Jr, his father has four other children out of wedlock with other women, who are pictured below.

His father was facing 22 federal charges for crimes outside the United States. During the trial in New York, he found guilty of 9 out of 11 crimes against him.

These charges include racketeering, and sexual abuse of children. He will be sentence for his crimes.  

4. Robert Kelly Jr’s Siblings: 2 brothers and one sister

Robert Kelly Jr. is not just famous for being the son of R&B singer R. Kelly but is also renown for a member of his family. The singer-turned-actor has three siblings who are notable names in their separate fields.

Robert Kelly Jr’s oldest sibling is his brother Robert ‘Tootie’ Kelly, born in April 1986. Coming from the same father and mother, the brothers have a 13-year age gap. He is an R&B singer who has released several singles and albums. He is also a member of the musical group Public Announcement, which form in 1991 by their father and cousin, Demetrius Aldridge.

Robert Kelly Jr S second oldest sibling, Jeffrey’ Kee-Dee’ Kelly, was born in 1989. He is also an R&B singer who released his debut single, ‘Number One Hit,’ under Jive Records in 2004.


Robert Kelly Jr is a talented new face in the entertainment industry. He has already made his career as a child actor. Now he is consider among the popular stars in the film industry. As his acting career keeps growing, we wish Robert great luck with it. We also want him to become a great father like his dad Robert Sr for his future kids to be proud of him.


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