Renowned Performance Coach Shiv Thakor, Pushing Individuals and Organizations to Greater Heights

Personal growth is a highly underrated area to focus on. More often than not, people do not pay attention to the importance of seeking opportunities for development, putting a heavier premium instead on molding their external environments to suit their needs, and while this could be beneficial to some extent, such as when an individual goes all-out in securing financial freedom and opts for a career that will allow them to obtain the life they have always wanted, failing to consider and address the internal factors hindering them from success must be avoided.

Widely acclaimed for his authority in the personal development space, Shiv Thakor has taken on the mission to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to transform into the best versions of themselves. Banking on his expertise and extensive experience, he guides those under his wing in breaking the barriers preventing them from flourishing. 

This performance coach and consultant is renowned for helping clients maximize their potential, allowing them to achieve their desired result. As a former professional athlete, he has a track record of getting his hands on what he initially sets out to accomplish, and in the years since retiring from the sports world, Shiv Thakor has wielded his leadership abilities, desire to be the best, and winning mindset to enable success for others. Working in various areas of personal development, he has worked with an array of business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, coaches, CEOs, actors, creative artists, and leaders. 

At the core of Shiv Thakor’s coaching methods is the intention to challenge and transform the mindset of his clientele. Providing a solution-focused and result-oriented approach to the areas that his clients need improvement in, the well-respected personality utilizes industry-leading, scientifically proven psychometric and axiological profiling to gain a deeper understanding of the what, how, and why of human performance. 

Shortly after dipping his toes in the field of coaching, Shiv Thakor managed to build a reputation as a go-to resource for those who are looking into creating a legacy and winning in all aspects of life, thanks to his comprehensive take on coaching. “I work with people for a minimum of 90 days, and in that period, we identify the needs, create a tailored strategy, and then achieve the result,” adds the prominent mentor. Not only does he deliver on the promise of top-notch coaching services, but he also makes it a priority to be available 24/7 for the entire time he’s working with a client.

Shiv Thakor, who has maneuvered a long list of clients, from professional sports teams to seven-figure organizations in the right direction, aims to push more individuals and companies in the coming years. Armed with big plans and the vision of evolving into the industry’s leading performance coach and consultant, he will continue to motivate and inspire people to break the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and establish their own legacies through unique coaching philosophies and scientifically proven profiling tools.

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