Redefining Persian Cuisine in America: Alireza Delavari’s Culinary Crusade

Redefining Persian Cuisine in America: Alireza Delavari's Culinary Crusade
Photo Courtesy: Alireza Delavari

By: Mae Cornes

Alireza Delavari, a master of Persian culinary arts, is crafting a kitchen revolution in Houston’s Rice Village. His mission is ambitious yet heartfelt: to redefine Persian cuisine in America by infusing traditional dishes with a narrative rich in culture and history.

A Recipe of Grit and Talent at the Heart of Tehran

Delavari’s culinary odyssey began in the heart of downtown Tehran. “My passion for cooking was ignited in the busy kitchen of my grandfather’s restaurant, where I saw the rich heritage of Persian cuisine come to life,” Delavari reminisces. At the age of 16, he was not simply learning recipes but absorbing a legacy that would define his life. This early exposure to the intricacies of Persian cooking prepared him for his restaurateur career.

Delavari’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished in Iran. He ventured into his own food business at only 23 years old. Having no financial backing or influential connections, he tirelessly networked and hustled to build start-up cafés and restaurants from the ground up. Every setback only fueled his determination, propelling him forward. 

Delavari gained his experiences by learning from renowned restaurants. “Gratitude and admiration are owed to my early mentors in the restaurant business, my grandfather and my Uncle Morty, whose seasoned guidance and culinary expertise have been the bedrock of my professional journey,” he says with a tone of humility.

Delavari traveled internationally to learn from famous chefs in Asia, Europe, and the USA. He also studied different ethnic foods and restaurants. His experiential immersion in food and culture solidified his distinct cooking and restaurant management style.

Delavari has been recognized with over twenty certificates from esteemed, highly skilled chefs in Iran and internationally. His culinary journey is enriched by firsthand experiences, where he has acquired and honed cooking skills under the mentorship of these culinary maestros.

He orchestrated the triumphant launch and adept management of 32 distinguished restaurants, notably overseeing the prestigious Enghelab Country Club’s Food Court in 2009, an expansive 25,000-square-foot gastronomic sanctuary designed to enchant up to 400 discerning guests. 

Delavari’s thrive for success and innovation never allowed him to sit idle. In 2011, he masterminded the transformation of Shemroon Café into Tehran’s preeminent luxury bistro, a sophisticated retreat that caters exclusively to a select clientele of 200. These establishments, celebrated for their culinary finesse, have emerged as the pinnacle of fine dining in Tehran, magnetizing celebrities and gastronomes alike with their exquisite offerings.

“My restaurants consistently received acclaim for their innovative menus and exceptional dining experiences,” he proudly states.

A Melange of Flavors in Texas

Delavari’s life, however, reached a crossroads in 2013. In pursuit of globalizing his business operations, he made the poignant decision to depart from his homeland, bid farewell to his family, and relinquish a thriving culinary enterprise. Embracing the inherent challenges of immigration, he embarked on a new and uncertain chapter in the United States, carrying with him a mix of melancholy and hopeful anticipation for the future.

His journey took a turn in 2016 when he assumed the executive management role at 7 Delight restaurant within the Manheim Auction in Houston. He shouldered crucial responsibilities in this position, overseeing its operations. Later that same year, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Delavari ventured into the culinary world by opening his own Italian restaurant, Creed.

A good chef must be a manager, a businessman, and a great cook. To marry all three together is sometimes difficult,” Delavari reflects.

However, his deep-rooted affinity and passion for authentic Persian cuisine led him back to his roots. In a remarkable twist, Delavari spearheaded the revival of Kasra Persian Grill, relaunching it in Rice Village, Houston, to introduce the genuine tastes of Persian cuisine to the local community. 

Delavari’s restaurant manifests a harmonious balance between timeless culinary traditions and the dynamic pulse of modern preferences that define the essence of his dining establishments. “The combination of modernized decor, classical music, and a warmly welcoming atmosphere in my restaurants creates an ambiance that not only beckons customers to return but also inspires them to share their memorable experiences with others,” he notes.

As CEO and co-owner, he has transformed the restaurant into a haven for authentic Persian cuisine. Their meticulously curated menu reflects his deep-rooted heritage. “Our dishes celebrate our rich cultural heritage, each recipe telling a story of its own,” he declares.

Delavari creates homemade recipes, evoking nostalgia and transporting customers on a culinary journey rich with cherished memories. His signature dishes offer an expedition through the flavors of Iran. He muses, “Each dish we serve is not just food. It’s a piece of Iran’s soul.”

Delavari’s approach to cooking is a fusion of classical techniques and contemporary trends, delighting diners with their exceptional flavors and quality. His commitment to using the finest locally sourced ingredients and incorporating modern technologies like interactive menus and reservation systems has revolutionized the dining experience. “Our aim is for patrons to travel Iran through every meal. Beyond serving food, we’re creating special memories with them,” he affirms.

With Delavari’s vision, Kasra Persian Grill in Rice Village has become a cherished respite for Iranian celebrities and artists, a hub for cultural exchange, offering a taste of familiarity and comfort to the Iranian community in Houston.

Strategic Brilliance and Sporting Legacy

Delavari’s excellence extends beyond the kitchen. Even in sports, he embodies the same spirit of excellence that mirrors his culinary achievements. His triumph as a gold medalist in the 2010 National Squash Championship League in Iran demonstrates his athletic skills and reflects the strategic brilliance he applies in his culinary endeavors. As an athletic champion, Delavari embodies a blend of raw talent with unwavering determination, leaving an indelible mark on the sporting arena.

Delavari’s approach to team building in sports, emphasizing player development and adaptability, mirrors his philosophy in the kitchen. Just as he crafted a well-rounded and formidable squad in squash, he applies the same meticulous planning and strategy in managing his restaurant crew. His ability to discern sports opponents’ weaknesses translates into his culinary skill in creating distinct and innovative dishes that stand out in the competitive restaurant industry.

His success in sports, culminating in a gold medal and his role as the Executive Capital Director of the National Federation Squash in Iran, showcases his leadership and strategic thinking. These qualities are evident in how he runs his restaurants, epitomizing culinary excellence and creating a holistic dining experience for his guests. 

My primary strength lies in my adeptness at strategic development. Beyond innate talent and skills, a crucial factor in attaining business success is the ability to craft a robust strategy, an arena where my proficiency shines. I consistently strive for multidimensional growth,” Delavari asserts.

Such a multidimensional mindset and commitment to excellence highlight Delavari’s dedication to making a positive impact, whether in the sporting or culinary world. Both endeavors underscore a unified theme of passion, strategy, and leadership.

Envisioning a Global Culinary Movement

Delavari’s future goals are as flavorful as his dishes. He envisions expanding his culinary influence beyond Houston. “My dream is to spread the love for Persian cuisine globally, to let the world savor authentic flavors of Iran,” he says.

This ambition is deeply rooted in his appreciation of Persian cuisine as a representative of Iran’s rich culture, which in the past centuries introduced exotic spices to the West and East through the Silk Road. He, too, in his part, hopes to continue this legacy, allowing people everywhere to benefit from these spices and their medicinal properties while savoring the wonderful aroma and taste.

In this pursuit, Delavari aspires to educate and inspire young entrepreneurs and reach diverse audiences across North America. He imparts more than cooking techniques and teaches about integrating culinary arts with sustainable practices, such as reducing food waste and utilizing energy-efficient equipment in his restaurant. “In culinary education, I’ve taken strides to share my knowledge through workshops and online platforms, contributing to the industry’s growth and fostering a new generation of creative and conscientious chefs,” he shares.

Delavari’s story illustrates his unwavering dedication to his craft and entrepreneurial vision. “Nothing satisfies me except success in the food business. It’s impossible to make it without a strong team. I did that back home in Iran, and now I’m doing my best to do it here in my new home,” Delavari concludes, his eyes reflecting his passion for culinary arts. He depicts a portrait of a man who is as skilled in strategy and leadership as he is in crafting exquisite flavors.


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