REAP Inc. and Oregon Community Foundation Join Forces and Provide Grants to 30 BIPOC Organizations

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The power of community and mentorship can never be underestimated. This is especially true for the youth of Portland, Oregon, who are looking for opportunities to thrive in a world that is often unfair and unequal. Thankfully, the Oregon Community Foundation sees REAP Inc. as one of the valuable partners to change this narrative.

The founders of REAP, Levell Thomas and Mark Jackson, go way back to their school days in Portland Public Schools. They saw firsthand the untapped potential brimming within the youth of their community and set out to unlock it. Driven by a desire to empower and nurture this potential, they established REAP Inc. in 2001. Building on proven and effective programs, REAP provides a solid framework to guide and uplift the youth, helping them thrive and excel in life.

The Portland youth receive top-notch guidance and leadership training through REAP Inc., which harnesses the power of networks in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. By linking young people to leaders, mentors, and potential employers across the state, REAP Inc. helps them acquire the essential skills and experience necessary to thrive in their future careers and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Thanks to the Oregon Community Foundation’s grants, REAP received $40,000 to help them further their mission and goals. “It’s just been amazing to have dedicated space, dedicated resources in a multi-year type of approach to build relationship, to build competencies and knowledge base, to be successful as nonprofit leaders and to better serve our communities,” Reap Inc. Co-founder and Executive Director Mark Jackson shared in an interview.

Amidst the challenges of limited resources and opportunities, it’s inspiring to witness the collaboration between the Oregon Community Foundation and REAP Inc. as they uplift and empower BIPOC organizations and young individuals. With their continued support and guidance, the potential of the Portland youth can be fully realized, creating a brighter future for all.


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