Rae Serbeck Touches Lives Through His Book 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020

People are often driven forward by their dreams and ambitions in life. For some, it is the opportunity of securing a financially stable life that spurs them on and motivates them in the face of insurmountable challenges, while for others, it is the vision of making a difference through one’s passion that serves as their primary fuel. In the case of Rae Serbeck, the thought of leaving a mark and touching the lives of many individuals around the world has always stood as his source of strength from the get-go. Despite the countless adversities he has faced, he remains adamant about serving as a beacon of hope for millions of people across the globe.

This multifaceted personality is a globally-recognized writer who has always had his eyes set on one goal: to touch the lives of many through the power of his pen. Although he did not exactly begin as a writer, Rae Serbeck entered various industries to bring him closer to his vision. As a model, actor, CEO turned purpose-driven writer, Rae is pulling out all the stops to send a powerful message across the world.

Before Rae Serbeck managed to secure a coveted position in his respective industry, he was once a visionary whose passion for others resided in the unthinkable. He started his career in the entertainment industry in the early quarter of 2017 when a friend talked him into modeling. After being chosen as one of the models to showcase clothing for LA talent, Rae was then hired by a small modeling agency in Utah, but the firm disbanded at the end of 2018. While these circumstances may faze ordinary dreamers, Rae was determined. Years down the road, Rae became the cover model of Inspired Magazine in 2020.

2020 was the year when Rae Serbeck rose to fame. Aside from being one of the top magazines cover models, the multifaceted go-getter also had his first step into the world of acting in the same year. He also started his own clothing company, Witness Me Clothing Co, a purpose-driven venture that gives all proceeds to different charitable causes. On top of that, Rae also made his first debut as a writer in an international humanitarian magazine, Elixir by Royel. 

By sending across a powerful message about bullying, he became more inspired and wrote more pieces that talk about today’s most pressing issues. As a result, he has been published in 25 international magazines and created his first book entitled 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020.

“The book is a combination of all the humanitarian pieces I wrote for Elixir by Royel,” he shared. From drug addiction, racism, abuse, and bullying to his thoughts about love, Rae Serbeck is currently making waves, touching the lives of those who have found his pieces inspiring and relatable.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, more can be expected from Rae Serbeck. Five years from now, he hopes to touch more lives, focusing on spreading hope and positivity while making a difference in the lives of thousands of people across the world.


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