Publishing a News Article Online Is Surprisingly Easy, According to Baden Bower

New businesses scramble to build a reputation when there’s little brand recognition. Publicity comes easier to more established brands, which is a catch-22.

According to Adrian John Ignacio, the CEO of Baden Bower, the goal of getting a company covered in high-profile online news outlets might be attainable, but it’s also very lofty.

Companies who successfully enjoy better brand visibility can look forward to a more solid reputation in the industry, better web traffic, higher conversion rate to sale or lead, more online followers, an easier time recruiting talent and possibly even interest from new investors.

Obtaining media coverage requires a strategic approach that includes a healthy mix of tactics peculiar to the brand and the industry.

Content marketing professionals covet top-tier business sites, but getting publicity through these sites will require writers to be at the top of their game when submitting the content.

Publishing on Major Global News Sites

Major news sites like Forbes and Huffington Post are some of the foremost “authority” publications that business owners and content marketers want to publish. These sites have phenomenal SEO power, helping content rank for multiple three-to-five-word terms only hours after publication.

To get an article published, writers need to craft a pitch based on what top writers in the targeted section are writing about. It should be short and should emphasise the most captivating parts of the idea.

Other Publication Options

Another option to get articles published is to reach out to publishing sites that syndicate content on multiple sites. Baden Bower has a list of global news sites that will publish articles for any brand like Apple News, Marketwatch, Fox, Digital Journal and many others. 

Like major news sites, writers need to follow specific guidelines, though they might not be as strict as those other sites.

Baden Bower: The most controversial, but unique, PR firm in the world, 

The PR agency Baden Bower has had thousands of clients successfully publish news stories on globally recognized news sites. Though most of the articles they publish have been written by their journalists, they are open to working on getting articles from clients published.

Ignacio also points out that the agency proofreads, reviews, and edits all stories submitted to them to ensure all publishers’ guidelines are met.


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