Power Duo Jeremy and Candice Fouts of CorVive, Helping Individuals and Families Achieve Their Health and Wellness Goals

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has driven home the point that health must take precedence, the surge of people taking an interest in pursuing wellness goals is not a new phenomenon. For years now, individuals and families have placed a heavy premium on proper nutrition, exercise, and more, knowing that religiously observing healthy practices plays a role in improving quality of life. In recognition of the number of people who need help in transforming into healthier versions of themselves, power couple Jeremy and Candice Fouts established CorVive, a wellness supplement company. 

Highly committed to providing today’s busy go-getters with top-notch nutrition to fuel their lifestyles, Jeremy and Candice made the bold move to enter the wellness sector in 2018. They brought with them not only years of experience in several fields and an in-depth understanding of the gaps in the market but also a deep-seated passion for lending people a hand in materializing their health goals.

An Oklahoma State University graduate, Jeremy has spent over fifteen years in the nutritional industry. The entrepreneur, whose proven track record speaks of his competence and subsequent success, was instrumental in propelling his previous company to the top and scaling it to become a well-respected organization boasting over 100,000 distributors. His portfolio, which includes helping thousands of families improve their health and finances, was made even more impressive after the launch of CorVive. 

Candice, the other half of the power duo at the helm of this rising wellness supplement venture, is known for her diverse background. A Bachelor of Science in Microbiology degree holder from Oklahoma State University, her expertise ranges from the sciences to design. After the Fouts moved to Texas and started a remodeling company, she realized that her interest in design ran deeper than she first thought. Soon afterward, she would be managing paint, trim, and cabinetry teams for small and large residential and commercial properties. 

Together, Jeremy and Candice spearhead the efforts of CorVive in journeying with those aiming for a health-focused future. So far, they have helped thousands of people lose weight, stay fit, and stay healthy, thanks to a high-quality selection of products designed to change the way individuals and families take in nutrition. 

From Vanilla Power Packs, Performance Packs, and Cor Power Chocolate, to mental clarity-promoting NRG Trios and metabolism booster Cor Bolic, CorVive provides a wide range of offerings that come hand in hand with quality and affordability. Their respective prices are in line with the company’s firm belief that health and wellness do not have to break anyone’s bank. 

In maneuvering customers in the direction of wellness, CorVive banks on an approach backed by science and inspired by its community. “Our three-step program is strategically designed to help launch your own personal transformational journey,” shared Jeremy and Candice. Through this three-step process, health-conscious individuals manage to gain considerable progress toward their goals. 

Under the leadership of Jeremy and Candice, CorVive is currently making its mark in the wellness industry. In the years to come, the widely accomplished personalities aim to not only reach greater heights but also help thousands more.


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