Paragon Performance: Transforming Lives Through Science-Based Mental Wellness

Jeff Benton
Photo Credited to Jeff Benton

Jeff Benton, the CEO of Paragon Performance, has embarked on a journey driven by personal experiences and a deep sense of purpose. His mission: to transform lives through science-based teachings, tools and techniques to optimize mental wellness. It all began with a profound inspiration, rooted in the most challenging moments of his life.

Benton’s path was far from ordinary. As a senior executive in the sports and entertainment industry, his life appeared enviable. But beneath the surface, he grappled with fear, anxiety, anger, and the crushing weight of imposter syndrome. It was a silent struggle, hidden behind the veneer of success.

Then, tragedy struck. Benton’s mother, battling depression, took her own life. It was a devastating blow that pushed him to the very bottom of despair. Yet, within that darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. Benton became open to change, realizing that he could not continue as he had. His pain became the catalyst for transformation.

Benton introduced tools and techniques into his daily life, and ultimately this inspired the same principles that the organization teaches today. Three months into this journey, a remarkable awakening occurred. He woke up one morning feeling truly present, joyful, and profoundly grateful—a stark contrast to the anguish that had defined his existence.

This awakening was more than personal; it was a revelation that if he could navigate such a transformation, anyone could. Benton’s world was intricately connected to high-performers, CEOs, and pro athletes. He understood that many of these individuals, like himself, were also grappling with disconnection and mental health challenges.

His insight was profound. By helping these leaders connect with themselves, they could relate to others in a more meaningful way. The ripple effect of this transformation would lead to better decisions for themselves, their communities, and humanity.

One poignant example of Paragon’s impact is found in Benton’s close friend and business partner, Brett Weinroth. Brett had also battled anxiety, fear, anger, and imposter syndrome. As he witnessed Benton’s journey, he began to engage with the same teachings, tools, and techniques. The change was palpable. Brett’s transformation was evident in his newfound presence, love, and resilience, particularly when a family member faced mental health challenges. His response was a testament to the power of Paragon’s teachings.

Now, Paragon is extending its reach in honor of World Mental Health Day, on October 10th, 2023.

The organization is offering complimentary workshops throughout October. Benton’s motivation is clear: our world is experiencing unprecedented stress, burnout, and disconnection, yet mental health often remains overlooked, even in corporate, educational, and healthcare settings.

Paragon’s commitment to mental health is grounded in science and peer-reviewed research, highlighting the effectiveness of their tools in shifting from stress responses to optimal states within minutes. The workshops promise science-based tools for emotional self-regulation, insights into the science of coherence, and real-time techniques for shifting stress responses.

These techniques, rooted in heart-focused practices, enable individuals to truly tap into their superpowers. The heart’s influence extends to the brain, impacting thinking, emotional experience, and composure maintenance—critical skills in navigating life’s challenges.

But Paragon’s commitment goes beyond paid services. Approximately 20% of their work is pro bono, supporting nonprofit organizations that often lack the resources for high-performance, leadership, and resiliency programs. Paragon’s approach isn’t just about immediate relief; it’s about long-term well-being. Their programs prioritize consistency and awareness, continually reinforcing tools and techniques that lead to lasting change.

For those intrigued by this transformative journey, the invitation is clear. Paragon Performance’s complimentary workshops offer a path to better mental health, resilience, and personal growth. The mission is to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves, fostering a positive ripple effect that can change lives and communities.

To embark on this journey, reach out to Paragon Performance through their website’s contact section:


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