Over a Million Students Worldwide Trust InPlace for Industry Work Experience

Over a Million Students Worldwide Trust InPlace for Industry Work Experience
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The landscape of employment is evolving at an unprecedented pace. With predictions that 65% of children starting school today will end up in jobs yet to be created, the need for an adaptable, future-focused educational system is undeniable. Quantum Information Technology has risen to the challenge with InPlace, a trailblazing platform that over a million students worldwide have adopted. This platform stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the integration of academic theory with practical industry experience.

Redefining Work-Integrated Learning

Faced with the challenge of preparing students for an uncertain future, Quantum Information Technology, led by visionary Guthrie White, has developed InPlace Software. This cloud-based platform seamlessly merges tertiary education with valuable work experience. With a user base of over 200 higher education institutions across continents, InPlace exemplifies Quantum’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the ever-changing IT industry.

“InPlace was born out of a need to bridge the gap between academia and industry,” Guthrie White, CEO, shares. “Its global adoption is a clear indicator of its effectiveness and impact.”

Addressing the Educational Divide

Historically, the gap between academic learning and industry skills has been a significant barrier in higher education. InPlace tackles this issue head-on by providing students with a direct conduit to meaningful work placements, streamlining what was once a labyrinth of administrative processes. This enhancement of the educational journey also fosters a harmonious relationship between academia and the professional world.

Guthrie White elaborates, “In the current employment landscape, hands-on experience provides context to theoretical knowledge. InPlace is the conduit enabling educational institutions to build a community of  industry partners, ensuring that their graduates are not merely prepared but ready to hit the ground running as active contributors when they enter the workforce.”

Bridging Multiple Educators with Employers

For employers, the challenge has always been to coordinate with various educational institutions and manage a diverse pool of students. InPlace Network rises to this challenge. As an employer-centric system, it’s intricately integrated with InPlace. 

This means businesses, whether a leading hospital group or a vast government department, can organize and engage with multiple educational institutions to bring students into their work experience programs without creating an expensive administrative burden. The result? A harmonious blend of academic learning and practical on-site experiences.

Benefits Beyond Boundaries

The pairing of InPlace and InPlace Network doesn’t just benefit students, educators, and employers in isolation. It creates a ripple effect of advantages. Educators can gauge the practical prowess of their students in real-world settings. Road testing the curriculum. Employers, on the other hand, gain a clear perspective on which educational bodies are churning out students that align with their industry needs. Smart educators are using the technology to refine and target their academic curriculum to better match the needs of industry based on the data captured in workplace supervisor assessments of students and surveys of students to identify their perceptions of skill needs in workplaces.

For larger entities, such as educational districts and healthcare organizations, InPlace Network suite is transformative. It refines the management of internships and work placements, which is crucial to their talent acquisition strategies. By integrating these experiences with their induction programs, these organizations do more than hire; they cultivate and retain a formidable workforce for the future.

Impact and Reach: A Global Phenomenon

The influence of InPlace Network spans the globe. It supports over 30 significant health services and aged care providers across various nations, enabling interactions between educators and workplace hosts. This level of integration is vital for large-scale employers, where internships and practical experiences are integral to their hiring initiatives.

“The adoption rate of InPlace speaks volumes about its success. It’s more than a platform; it’s a progressive step towards a more cohesive and experiential educational model,” the CEO asserts.

Empowering the Next Generation

As Quantum Information Technology continues to break new ground, the prospects for InPlace are bright. With ambitions to broaden its influence and perpetually evolve with the IT sector’s shifting demands, InPlace is poised to maintain its status as a leader in work-integrated learning.

Guthrie White concludes with a vision, “We are at the beginning of a transformative journey. The potential for InPlace to reshape the educational and employment landscape worldwide is vast. Our commitment to relentless innovation will ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our users.”


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