Our Connected World by Robin: Empowering Women through Slow Travel and Language Diversification

Our Connected World
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In a world that has been rapidly changing, the concept of work and travel has also evolved. Digital nomads, full-time travelers, and entrepreneurs have taken the leap to explore different parts of the world while working remotely. But with this new lifestyle comes new challenges and opportunities hand-in-hand, and that’s where Our Connected World (OCW) comes in.

OCW is a multidisciplinary platform founded by educator, speaker, and author Robin, with a mission to empower women to embrace and harness the impact of slow travel lifestyles. With a background in Psychology and over five years of Marketing and Mentoring experience, Robin offers coaching, travel expertise, and language diversification to women around the world looking to create opportunities and life-changing experiences abroad.

OCW is meant to encompass all this, a place where women can become who they want to be by doing what they want to do. A place of alignment through the art of slow travel.

As a female traveler herself, Robin understands the challenges women face when traveling solo or moving abroad. Through OCW, she aims to support and empower more women to experience the world deeply and transform their lifestyles. What began as a hobby for Robin has transformed into a remarkable venture that gives women interested in traveling the wings to fly, the safe landing to go with and the parachute to make sure their experience is wholesome, one step at a time.

Robin recalls that the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown were a wake-up call for her. Because of travel and movement restrictions, she found herself yearning for travel but couldn’t and then started a podcast, Journeys Untold, because she missed traveling and hearing stories from people around the world. It was from coming out of this that Robin decided to help others explore and travel more. Being a language teacher herself, Robin reckons that being fluent in four languages has afforded her the drive and access to see the world and inspire others to do the same.

What sets OCW apart is the combination of art and science approach and the mark on education, not just mentorship. Her programs exist to help women amongst life transitions who crave a lifestyle with travel and freedom as core elements. To do that Robin uses the art of slow travel and the power of Psychology in her programs, leading women to truly thrive wherever they are – geographically and in life. It is Life coaching, language learning, living abroad and solo traveling expertise and building a remote career, community all in one space.

This unique perspective allows Robin to coach women on how to fully embrace slow travel and the digital nomad lifestyle successfully. She helps her clients tap into the richness of what the world has to offer, no matter their background or previous experiences.

OCW offers immersion courses in language learning, coaching, and mentoring. Through these courses, Robin’s students experience not only fluency in a new language but also mindset shifts and a calling to travel more deeply.

Our Connected World is a place of alignment through the art of slow travel, where women can become who they want to be by doing what they want to do. Robin’s mission is to ensure that more women have the opportunity to experience the power of travel and language diversification. 

As Robin puts it, “The power of travel shouldn’t be hidden. It shouldn’t be just for those who feel brave and know 100% to listen to their inner spark.” OCW is here to support and empower women to take that leap and seize the day.


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