OnlineBookClub President, Scott Hughes, Surprises Fans by Showing Off New Tesla On Social Media

Scott Hughes, founder and president of has recently stunned his fans and followers on social media as he showed off his new Tesla. 

Scott Hughes is extremely popular among book lovers, literary enthusiasts, and members of OnlineBookClub. He was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut, the US. 

His online literary venture and club, OnlineBookClub.Org, is celebrating its 16th anniversary this year and all its members are heavily excited about it. 

“I started OnlineBookClub just to live my passion. I am a reader, and I love reading a wide variety of books whenever I get time to do so. It was during 2006 that I thought of launching my own book club for literature lovers. I could still remember that I was just a 19-year-old at that time. Time flies like butterflies. It still gives me goosebumps when I remember those days,” Scott Hughes commented. 

Scott Hughes never imagined that his book club would become so famous. But he had a belief in his dream that ‘OnlineBookClub’ would serve as a single-point online destination for literary lovers worldwide irrespective of their age groups, genders, geographical locations, social status, economic background, or educational qualifications. 

Scott Hughes had had his share of troubles and struggles in the past. OnlineBookClub was not an overnight success. Despite starting OnlineBookClub in 2006 and consistently working at it, he also worked other jobs to make a living from 2006-2014, including working as a professional paid door-to-door canvasser for a local political party and as a server and bartender at local restaurants. Even though his passion was towards books, literature and his company OnlineBookClub, still he worked meticulously at his day jobs, especially after the birth of his first child in 2010.

2014 was a turning point in his life as he wished to take his company and love for literature to a new height. He decided to take the leap, give up his side jobs, and dedicate all his professional time to his book club. And since then he’s working full-time for

In his own words, Scott Hughes says of that transitional time, “After I gave my side jobs, I was working at OnlineBookClub 70-80 hours a week for years–barely paying my rent at first. Before I made that leap, there was a period in 2014 where I was working as a bartender at two different restaurants while also working at OnlineBookClub on the side, essentially working three jobs at once. So I was used to working those kinds of hours, but making the leap to putting 70-80 hours a week in at just this risky venture was challenging but accepting. There was months where on the 10th of the month I would have to literally turn change at the Coinstar machine to make the last bit to pay my rent. In that first year or two after I made the leap, there was times where I had to put groceries because I literally didn’t have the money in my account. I’d be walking down the aisles, calculating in my head, how many groceries can I buy with exactly $38.46 in my account or such.”

At present, has nearly 3-million registered members and subscribers from across the world. 

Recently, Scott Hughes launched a Black Friday Giveaway Contest for book lovers. Hundreds of readers from across the world participated in the contest, several receiving outstanding cash prizes. This is one reason Scott Hughes is widely admired among his fans for his generosity and kind-hearted behavior.

Scott Hughes is also involved in many charitable and volunteering activities. His recent sleepout fundraiser has raised over $4200 to help homeless youth get shelter and prevent themselves from getting exposed to the volatile and frozen climate of December. 

He initiated the fundraiser event by sleeping outside his home in Connecticut on a cold November night to raise funds for homeless shelters and create awareness about the problems of homelessness.

According to a statistical report, at least 2-million people, including children, sleep outside their homes because of mass poverty and lack of access to basic needs of life—food, clothing, and shelter. This is why Scott Hughes wants more and more people to come forward and donate for a cause to eradicate the issue of homelessness among the underprivileged section of our society.

Most recently, in a somewhat out of character move, Scott Hughes brought home a brand new Tesla and posted new pics about the same on all his social media channels. His two kids—Tristen (Son) and Amaya (Daughter)—fell in love with the car instantly. You can see their facial expression and twinkling eyes showing how much they like the pre-Christmas gift from their dad. 

Scott Hughes’ OnlineBookClub also recently released an e-reading app “OBC Reader”, which is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS store. It is meant to compete with Amazon Kindle, and works in a similar manner, but unlike Kindle supports epub files and does not charge for books. All books available on OnlineBookClub’s the mobile app, OBC Reader, are free, and the app itself is totally free as well.

You can download the free OBC Reader app using either of these links:

Android Users 

iOS users

Scott Hughes is also an author of four published books— Achieve Your Dreams, The Banned Book about Love, Justice: A Novella, and 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book.

Hughes has recently announced finishing the first draft of his next book “#InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All.”
Fans can follow Scott Hughes on social media, including Facebook (, Twitter (@scottmhughes), and Instagram (@scott_hughes), as well as others. The links to all of his different social media pages can be found in one palace at:


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