NYC Barber Shop Museum to expand.

Arthur Rubinoff – 4th Generation Master Barber, Founder of NYC Barber Shop Museum, CEO at Reamir & Co Barbershops in New York, REAMIR Men’s Grooming Product Line, philanthropist, developer of social NYC Barber On Wheels, owner of educational platform, recently becoming a designer of exclusive Barber apparel, leading barber educator, and enthusiast.

Mr. Rubinoff, you have created a great number of projects dedicated barbering industry. Where did this devotion come from?

Thank you. It had definitely come from my father. Who was a third-generation barber in our family and had always been running barbershops. Where I spent my childhood and started helping since I were a kid. There were some ups and downs in my approach to the barbering, but he was the one who brought me back to it. He was an example of dedication and taught me to respect and love barbering. 

When just started cutting hair in early age could you imagine that you will represent the history of barbering worldwide? Did you expect yourself to do something that much meaningful?

When I just started cutting hair No. But my goal has always been to be different and create something new. Like in any other industry it is important to be different to stand out. When I found out that barbers used to perform minor surgeries and dentistry, that it is one of the oldest professions. That’s when I made myself a promise to be a part of the history of this all-time trade. And again, my father was the one to give me an idea of a Museum, he was the first one who started collecting small pieces, just out of love. 

How did it grow?

When my father passed away, it became sentimental to me. So, I just kept collecting, pieces became bigger and more rear artifacts. Since Museum had been opened, we have received a lot of donations. Sometimes there were whole collections brought by relatives of someone like my father who just loved his job.

NYC Barber Shop Museum’s recognition worldwide. What is it to the industry?

First, it is respect to the craft. I know that lots of people choose this profession for different reasons. But NYC Barber Shop Museum educate, inspire, and raises respect and love to the craft. And not just in barbers. I am very happy to see when people of different jobs, age, and interests learn about our history, that barbers used to be surgeons, definition of a barber pole, role in society. Besides barbering school classes and professional trainings, we are doing tours for kids and college students. So many amazing people made production at the Museum: Dirti Diana with Ruff Ryders vet Drag On music video, DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren video shooting, Jaime Zevallos Marvel actor shoot an award-winning documentary. Photoshoot for Fenti by Rihanna. DreamDoll photoshoot. JaJo Rabit scene. Fashion photoshoots. We made an incredible collab with Sarah Coleman and reupholstered antique Koken’s barber chair with Louis Vuitton leather. Tons of TV Shows from all over the world came in to talk about the history. All that brings common awareness of barbers’ significance, their role in history and society. 

And that is amazing! Since NYC Barber Shop Museum is currently in the process of moving, how are you keeping this awareness now? 

We are proudly holding a status granted by Department of Education, along with 501c3 Nonprofit Organization status. We are still providing educational and historical opportunities through all the sources available. On highest demand we are finally launching virtual tour which makes visiting Museum available from all over the world online. I do a lot of consulting to the barbershop owners now, and we have interesting opportunity to put it together as a show. Our petite presentation NYC Barber On Wheels serves its social work to those in need. And of course, our educational platform is available. 

Does any exhibit of the NYC Barber Shop Museum currently available to the public?

Collection is traveling. Partial exhibit is currently available at our Boutique location in historical barbershop at 303 Columbus Avenue, New York. And we are building two more. Barbershop display will be presented in Project XV Museum in Illinois to recreate local barbershop of the first black man to vote in Illinois. 

And still I have the major part secured in a warehouse. Actually, that was my dream for collection to travel and raise more interest to the rich and beautiful history of barbering. 

Sounds like it worked out. When do you plan Museum to settle down at a new spot?

I am planning to announce reopening after New Year. 

Meanwhile, how is all that activity being supported?

We still have our patrons coming to boutique. All proceeds from my Men’s Grooming Product Line – REAMIR is going towards life of the NYC Barber Shop Museum. Brand label clothing for barbers is available now for purchase on our website. Everyone is very welcome to enjoy virtual tour and support us online.

Is there a finish line where would you bring all your social work to?

I honestly love being all over the place and keep starting new projects. In this field there are a lot of great ideas and I know that down the line I will not create all of them, somebody else will. We always have to keep up and get better every day. 

After all my mission is to create barbers better than me. Having wide following, and more professional successors means that I am good teacher. Never afraid to create competitors, competition gives business. That is the journey, and the most important to enjoy the process. 

Hope we all do. Thank you so much.

Thank you. 


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