NÚCLEO SEPEC creates ripples of growth in the vast and competitive oil & gas industry

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The Mexican conglomerate has remained in the top headlines recently for developing new business models and services and joining forces with other oil & gas companies.

The massive growth levels and momentum a few industries gain over the years can be attributed to varied factors. Though the adoption of changing tech trends and tech developments is a significant factor, no one can deny how a few professionals, teams, leaders, and experts’ rigorous efforts, passion and dedication across industries have contributed heavily to the overall growth of their chosen sectors. The oil & gas industry is one to have noticed the rise of many companies and conglomerates, among which we saw how exceptionally well NÚCLEO SEPEC did as a Mexican business corporation in the industry.

There is a reason many know NÚCLEO SEPEC as one of the finest and the biggest oil & gas companies from Mexico, which has aced the game with its integrated and bundled services scheme for well interventions. They have years of experience in the industry and are dedicated toward providing the best services and reactivation of wells through services, tools, equipment, engineering, personnel, state-of-the-art technology and much more.

The team aims to lead the company across Mexico in well interventions, following the highest quality standards to achieve consistent improvement and incredible customer satisfaction. NÚCLEO SEPEC offers comprehensive integrated and discrete services that cover the oil well life cycle like well cleanouts and stimulations with coiled tubing units, surface well testing, slick line data collection, real-time surface parameters, mechanical inductions, hot oil cleaning, water treatment and water injections to enhance oil recovery.

Identified as High Quality & Execution Company under the philosophy of “permanent continuous improvement,” it has remained in top headlines in recent times for developing new business models, services and alliances with other oil & gas companies like it did with PEMEX, the Mexican Nation Oil Company, where they have merged sustainability and innovation, assisting PEMEX to achieve its goals, collaborating dynamically and proactively in critical and strategic areas. Besides this, in 2017, it developed an alliance with FAWARES PETROLEUM SERVICE, an O&G Service company from Kuwait. It later signed a multimillionaire contract for five years to execute Coiled tubing operations for maintenance and increasing production in Kuwait.

Across the Middle East, the company has grown and how. In 2023, it became the “authorized provider” for SAUDI ARAMCO in KSA; meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, they are working on the evaluation process to provide services to ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).


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