NOHO Production Oasis Gives Creatives Refuge and Resources for Content Creation

During the pandemic, when the world was in lockdown, and we needed to find ways to entertain ourselves or spend our energy, many people chose to explore the content creation route. For Ngozi Kim, who was already in the content creation field with her YouTube channel, GoziTV, the pandemic became the launching pad for expanding her brand. In August of 2021, she finally launched NOHO Production Oasis, a project she has already mentioned or shown bits of on her YT channel.

NOHO Production Oasis is a productive space for creators to bring their ideas to life, meet other people in the field or find inspiration for their following content. Every Wednesday, NOHO Production Oasis becomes a shared workspace for creatives with their COWORK WEDNESDAY passes. Availability of the passes grants guests a coworking space, a salad bar at noon, a fully-stocked snack bar, free-flowing coffee, indoor/outdoor seating areas, free street parking and high-speed wifi – all the things a creator might need. 

Aside from a coworking space, NOHO Production Oasis also serves as a venue for their monthly events open to everybody interested. Their recent events include Speed Dating for Awkward Millennials, Creatives of NoHo Mixer, 3rd Thursdays Comedy Show and more. Based on these headlines, there is something for everybody. Anybody in the creative field will always leave this space filled with inspiration and newly-built connections. To reach a wider audience, NOHO Production Oasis also keeps updated social media accounts where patrons and interested guests can connect, learn more, share updates and donate if they choose to. 

In keeping with its creative purpose, NOHO Production Oasis was created in a 1948 property in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. It was initially a house that is now converted into an original production and events space. Taking inspiration from her roots in Texas, Ngozi modeled the concept of this space after some of the establishments on the well-known Rainey Street in Austin, Texas. The outdoor space has a performance stage and mini dog park, all built from scratch. In addition, each room in the house was converted into functional production sets including a podcast lounge equipped with a soundbooth.

A long way from the bigger, more established production houses in California, NOHO Production can still provide a welcoming, inspiring, and inclusive space for the creative community. “I wanted to create a space where people could simply show up as themselves and bring their ideas to life. NOHO Production Oasis is a manifestation of that,” Ngozi envisions. “Truly knowing the value of providing a space to create has been a complete blessing.”

Ngozi’s ten years of experience building her comedy brand on YouTube helped her recognize the importance of an artistic space that recognizes and prioritizes creativity and collaboration over social media statistics. Transcending the social media sphere is a culture reset she wants to cultivate in this space. Because, at the end of the day, her primary purpose is to creatively inspire her patrons. At NOHO Production Oasis, they believe that ideas can be brought to life.


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