Nightlife Guru Tayler Scharg Pioneers High-Caliber Hospitality in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

Having an active nightlife is extremely important for the health of an individual and the community. It gives people an opportunity to socialize, let loose and be themselves after a week of work, helps to develop culture and, therefore, the diverse appreciation of society as a whole. As a result of the high societal value of having a bubbling nightlife, Tayler Scharg and his partner Corey Blank mapped out a plan to change the limited dynamic of nightlife in their South Florida hometown to give the residents and visitors the variety it needed.

In 2017, the dynamic duo brought their brainchild to life and established the well-renowned sports bar, 27 Bar and Lounge, a fun-loving and mentally stimulating venue for all, inspired by commemorating the many famous icons who lost their lives at the age of 27. With good music, delicious drinks and great company, 27’s prominence grew as fast as the skyrocketing careers of its muses, and it was not long before the premier bar saw record turnouts, coming as fast as Cobain and Winehouse’s hits would climb to the top of the charts in their prime.

“The vibe of 27 is iconic, which is only sensible since it was inspired by some real icons. Tayler does an incredible job of conveying a dope vibe throughout 27 that you won’t find at just any bar. From top down through the staff everyone who works there makes you feel like you’re in the right place,” said Beau Bucci.  

For Tayler and Corey, the raving success of 27 Bar and Lounge was only the beginning, as the innovators had dreams to innovate and create an empire beyond what South Florida already knew. Shortly after opening 27, Tayler went on to create other establishments that brought industrialization to the once solely residential area of Flagler Village. 

With each creative project he created, Tayler’s passion for bringing the potential he envisioned for his hometown became apparent. The nightlife guru continued to elevate his ambitions as an entrepreneur of hospitality, and with each year passed, a new project would arise. 

Just a short walk from 27, residents and visitors of Fort Lauderdale can now enjoy visiting two of Tayler’s more recent projects- The Good Times Only Speakeasy and Rose Nightclub. When visiting these establishments, visitors will enjoy the aesthetics of unique interior design as they journey through the prohibition-style speakeasy, proceeding into an elegant and vivacious nightclub. “The interior design work at all of Tayler’s establishments are unique and meticulous in the best way possible. Every detail from 27 to Rose and GTO is so carefully thought out. They all have such distinguishing qualities, yet somehow they manage to mesh so well together, that it will blow your mind. When you walk into any of them, it feels like you’ve entered a portal into another world, and each one is like a great escape,” said Cori Pappas.

A power player revolutionizing the nightlife of his South Florida hometown, Tayler Scharg now helms his hospitality group, TS Hospitality, as CEO. The changemaker continues to set the blueprint for others in the industry. In the coming year, he plans to expand beyond the scope of his industry, serving as a mentor for those with dreams similar to his own. 

“It’s so fulfilling to see all the opportunities that can stem from chasing after one dream and sticking with it until you realize your capability. I’m at a point now where I have hotel owners reaching out to curate new concepts and expand the empire my colleagues and I have created. I didn’t foresee this much opportunity when I first started, but I couldn’t be more ready to seize it. Heed my words when I tell you that Fort Lauderdale is set for expansion, and the sky is the limit,” he says.


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