Neo Ross Empowers Millennials to Influence the Future of the World

Neo Ross
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Today’s millennial generation is undoubtedly the set of new leaders who will run the world tomorrow. Among them belongs the next world changers, industry leaders, and influencers who will greatly impact the future. Visionary entrepreneur and growth strategist Neo Ross recognizes the role millennials play and came up with a custom-tailored transformation program called The Neo Ross System to help individuals get rid of the unsatisfying past, present, and future beliefs and discover their true life’s vision and convert it into an ever growing financially generous venture.

Why millennials? The global awareness in the world increases and the industry of personal development grows bigger and bigger. According to Forbes, the personal development industry will grow to 1 billion USD per day industry by 2025. More and more baby boomers are retiring, selling their companies, and looking for younger and more talented replacements. Being a millennial himself, early in his life, Neo became aware that the current system in the world is not tailored to the new generation. What Neo wanted is complete freedom to do whatever he wanted and where he was best at.

From systematic, mainly outdated knowledge at school to unnecessary workload in universities, limited learning approach and talent development of corporate systems, to small businesses run by baby boomers – Neo tried it all. Even though each of these steps was important for the development of his career, Neo realised that his true potential was never fulfilled. Something was missing. Deep in his heart, Neo believed that everyone on this planet deserves to live the life they want to live, not how they are told to live or limited to live.

The quest for human potential search for answers led him to London in May 2017, where he attended Dr. John Demartini’s world-famous seminar, The Breakthrough Experience, an event that helped Neo to experience a phenomenal transformation in just a few hours. During the next two years, Neo traveled all across the world while attending and facilitating the famous event and learning from industry experts.

As Neo remembers: “The first morning after The Breakthrough Experience I promised myself that I would do everything I needed to do. I will travel every distance that I need to travel to become the master of this craft and help millions of people to achieve breakthroughs and discover their life again.”

Apparently, that became true, and today Neo is an internationally recognized expert in personal growth and human transformation. His mission reached 24 countries to date and 2200+ individuals from all walks of life.

“Every day, we see more and more people joining this new way of thinking – the way where everyone can be limited by oneself, but not by someone else – a system, an opinion, a traditional way of thinking. The world is changing fast, and we can’t live in an outdated world. There is so much to see, and there is so much to learn, there is so much to experience, and there is so much to impact. I believe everyone deserves this opportunity at least once in their life.”

“When we are done with Earth, we will go to Mars.” Neo jokes.

One of his favorite examples among students is a young and inspiring individual, James. When Neo met James by accident in one of the seminars, James was quite lost in his early career. Being 24 and being lost is very normal in today’s world. It took only 20 minutes for Neo to help James identify what his source of inspiration is and what could be the next step. Within a few months, James relocated from the East coast to the West coast of the US, landed a dream job based on our findings and got paid two times more than in his previous job. Additionally, he negotiated stock options in the company. And that happened within a year. Recently, James wrote Neo a message sharing his gratitude. On top of everything that he discovered and made his life much more inspiring and rewarding, James is now traveling the world full-time and living his best life.

“I don’t understand why people wait all these years to have a better life. Everyone can have their best life today. By shifting their beliefs, finding intrinsic values and removing all mental obstacles – everyone ultimately activates their highest possible version of self.”

Neo has hundreds of stories like this, where he is compiling all these powerful millennial stories in his new book that will come sometime after the movie that Neo and his team are producing at the moment. In 2019, Patryk, Kasia, Dr. John Demartini, Neo and a few other executive producers started the production of a documentary movie about the work that is now becoming a new standard for everyone who wants a life without limits. The movie is set to release around the third or fourth quarter of 2023.

“My high value on learning and research and my preference for quality and high focus on client’s results. Neo Ross is Louis Vuitton in the personal development industry. A brand that speaks for itself when said,” Neo revealed.

Neo’s programs and positive influence on the lives of millennials are life-changing. His passion and positivity are what today’s generation needs. “I will take any challenge that will come, I will travel every distance that I need, and I will do everything I can to further explore, research, design, dream, teach, talk, and advise everything that’s related to maximizing human potential for greater impact on the planet and beyond on an interstellar level,” he added.



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