Multifaceted Mogul Ida Alexis Redefines Success

Ida Alexis
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Ida Alexis is not your typical entrepreneur. With an unbridled spirit, she embraces her unique blend of qualities and talents to craft a life that many aspire to, breaking the mold of conventional business owners. She wears many hats with ease, excelling as a business founder, interior designer, real estate expert, model, and globetrotter. Her success and versatility have earned her the title of a true mogul.

Ida’s journey to success took flight with her passion for design. She took up an Engineering degree at the University of Albany. Nevertheless, she eventually discovered her ultimate calling lay in interior design. With unwavering determination, she established her own interior design company and soon garnered acclaim for her ability to craft breathtaking spaces that authentically mirrored her clients’ individualities.

However, Ida’s entrepreneurial spirit was not limited to just design. Her sharp eye for real estate allowed her to build a thriving empire in the industry, using her design skills to create a unique edge. With a property management company under her belt, as well as a luxurious Airbnb portfolio consisting of 10 high-end units, Ida has truly made a name for herself. Her impact doesn’t stop there; she has also created an Airbnb course, which has helped countless students succeed in the competitive hospitality industry. As a licensed real estate agent with the LGF team at Compass, the leading sales team in the nation, having sold over $1.5 Billion in New York City alone, Ida’s expertise is undeniable.

Ida’s achievements in the corporate realm are impressive, but she never forgets to stay rooted and humble. Whether it’s tinkering away in her workshop, wielding power tools for her latest design venture, or imparting her travel wisdom and adventures to those around her, she exudes a down-to-earth nature. Her passion for globetrotting has led her to explore far-flung destinations, granting her a rich understanding of diverse customs and lifestyles.

Ida’s unique approach to life and business has not gone unnoticed. She has graced several events as a guest speaker, generously imparting her expertise on topics such as entrepreneurship, real estate, and design.

In a world that often encourages us to choose one path and stick to it, Ida’s story is a refreshing reminder that we don’t have to limit ourselves. We can embrace our duality and polarity and create a life that reflects all aspects of who we are. Ida Alexis is a true inspiration, a mogul who has shown us that anything is possible if we are willing to work hard and follow our passions. 

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