Monytize has Secured a Lead Investor for their Series A Round of Funding

Many established authorities in the entrepreneurial arena recognize that innovativeness is key to growth. With the rapid rise of the digital age, it is essential to keep up with the times in order for an aspirant to stand out and rise above a competitive industry. In the case of Terrell Samuels, the esteemed founder of Monytize, he saw the growing need for a new face in the digital space, and he thought it best to create an app that focused more on philanthropic pursuits. By enabling others to not only thrive but also give back, this power player is setting the bar high for many industry players across the scene.

Alex and John Ruiz of Ruiz Investment Family office from Miami, Florida have committed to leading Monytize’s Series A Round of funding as Monytize aims to catch up with global momentum.

Terrell Samuels is a renowned leader and innovator in the online realm. Over the years, this exceptionally gifted individual has managed to emerge as one of the foremost personalities in the digital arena, solidifying his reputable stance across the industry. On a mission to transform lives, Terrell decided to revolutionize the digital space through the launch of his innovative project, the

Monytize is unlike any other social media platform in the market. While others are mostly known for generating wealth back to their developers, this trailblazing company sets its eyes on helping users earn. When content is purchased on the app, it pays everyone in its network. In other words, Monytize not only allows users to socialize, network, share their content online, and more but also enables them to gain a new source of passive income. 

Without a doubt, the Monytize App is redefining the social media space through its unique approach. Its entertainment option, for instance, is unlike any other. Many traditional streaming platforms spend over $400 billion on music, movies, and video games each year. The profits earned from these types of content go back to the developers. However, in Monytize, users can earn a passive income because the app redistributes wealth back to the community. 

On top of helping users thrive and earn, the Monytize App also donates 20% of its earnings to schools, charities, hospitals, churches, and other global nonprofit organizations. For example, Monytize’s partnership with a South African company called Social Wireless offers free internet services, social media, movies, music, and games that can generate a passive income for South Africans. This opportunity is not only reserved for Monytizer members, but it is also enjoyed by the entire country.

“Monytize presents a wholesome perception for the entertainment industry and enhances it as a tool for creating a positive legacy. It’s truly a platform where users can give to others while earning passive income for themselves. While joining the platform is free of cost, the returns for signing up are life-changing when users receive their Monytize Visa debit card,” shared Terrell Samuels.

On top of all that, Terrell Samuels is committed to Free Internet around the world. Through partnerships with Global social media and streaming services, anyone can stay connected with all of Monytize as its networks allow free connectivity.

As Terrell Samuels continues to take the reins of the he aims to make it bigger. As a matter of fact, the app is continually adding to its available content to offer the same variety as its competitors like iTunes, Redbox, Netflix, and Spotify. In the years to come, Terrell not only seeks to give back to the community but also aims to be a go-to source for individuals looking to thrive and earn.


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