Montra McKenzie Emerges as a Revolutionary Changemaker as She Paves the Way for Black Youth Communities Worldwide

One of the most laudable ways of emanating deep-rooted greatness is by making a meaningful and lost-lasting impact on the lives of others. True enough, the world’s greatest individuals are known not only for what they have personally achieved but also for the ripples of positive changes they have caused. In the case of Montra McKenzie, it is evident just how powerful one’s purpose-driven efforts can be in creating a widespread difference. Today, she is hailed for being a competent facilitator of success, especially for go-getters belonging to minority groups and underserved communities. 

With 20 years’ worth of experience in the realms of real estate and commerce, Montra McKenzie knows what it takes to rise above difficulties and overcome challenges in life. Looking at her unmatched skills and unparalleled capacity, she decided to use them to serve underprivileged youth, individuals, families, and communities. In fact, she has provided stable, safe housing for underserved communities since 2004.

As one of the foremost advocates of empowering others and standing up for the voiceless, Montra McKenzie helps people gain confidence and overcome barriers. Heavily determined to fulfill her lifelong mission of sparking hope and bringing growth, she addressed herself to the challenge of creating a platform that would pave the way for aspirants and dreamers from all walks of life. Thus, in 2015, she established The Investors Academy, a venture that has blossomed into one of the most reliable sources of strength and insight for many. 

The Investors Academy is a resource hub for underserved individuals and families in Metro Atlanta—homeless veterans, the hungry, the unemployed, disabled persons, individuals living with chronic ailments, and ex-offenders integrating back into the community. According to the founder, Montra McKenzie, it was created to drive change, inspire action, and touch lives by supporting low-income individuals, families, and communities in carving a path toward self-sufficiency. 

Since its inception, The Investors Academy has already served 3,000 families, housed 500 homeless veterans, coached and trained over 300 persons, and provided jobs to over 300 individuals this year. In addition, this trailblazing entity offers an arsenal of growth-oriented opportunities, such as the chance to build workplace skills, get trained to manage money better, develop a plan for building a career, and establish connections. 

“Each year, the need for our services increases against available funding and resources. A grant award will directly impact our daily operations by increasing our capacity to meet high demands for our programs,” Montra McKenzie explained. “The Investors Academy Youth Outreach Program is the most impressive program in our organization. Through this program, the Investors Academy offers youth a great opportunity to work and make their career dreams a reality,” she added. 

Although The Investors Academy Youth Outreach Program is open to all community members, it prioritizes all at-risk youth experiencing various hardships like homelessness, unemployment, recovering substance abuse addicts, mental health, and many more. “The mission of the Apprenticeship Job Training Program is to help the underserved youth on their pathway to self-sufficiency through hands-on job training in the warehousing industry where the skills and knowledge learned can be utilized in the real world,” the founder said. 


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