Molly Wilson Empowers Women in America Through The Creation of Her Lacsnac Brand

Molly Wilson
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Molly Wilson is a true visionary in the business world. As the Founder and CEO of Lacsnac, a company that creates lactation-enhancing foods for nursing mothers, she has proven to be a leader in her industry. But what sets Molly apart from other CEOs is her unique approach to business.

Molly has been dubbed a “unicorn” in her business segments due to her innovative approach to problem-solving. She is always on the lookout for gaps in the market and works tirelessly to create solutions that fill those needs. This is evident in her previous ventures, such as her Hallmark Gold Crown store, which became one of the most profitable and largest in the US, and her molly&you gourmet food mixes, which expanded across the country and into thousands of shops. With Lacsnac, Molly saw a need for better-for-you lactation-enhancing foods for nursing mothers and took action to create a solution.

“Working from a place of expansion allows me to eliminate blind spots,” she shared.

Targeting Lacsnac for health-conscious mothers aged 25-44 who value wholesome foods, fitness, and a healthy mind and body, Molly understands that these women are looking for the best products for themselves and their families, and Lacsnac is a perfect fit for that need.

Molly’s career as a CEO and entrepreneur has been filled with many accomplishments; however, two that stand out for her are providing job opportunities for women in rural America and the launch of Lacsnac. She takes great satisfaction in advancing the careers of her employees and providing them with the resources to learn, develop and thrive. The launch of Lacsnac, in particular, has been a crowning achievement for her, exceeding her expectations in the first eight weeks of its launch.

Molly Wilson
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“My motivation wasn’t because I loved a product or had a great idea; it was because I wanted to employ women in rural America. I wanted to be a job creator to help others’ dreams come true. To do that, I had to teach myself business, and every business I have created over the past 20 years has happened to solve a problem that I see and do it through creating a brand and employing more women,” she added.

When asked what advice she can give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs who dream of building their own companies, Molly has this to say: “My best advice is to ask, ask and ask again. Ask others for advice and guidance, ask someone to mentor you, ask for tips, and when you make it — remember to pay it forward to the next woman looking at how to achieve her dream.”

Looking to the future, Molly sees Lacsnac growing rapidly over the next five years. Unlike her previous food brand, which she grew brick by brick, Lacsnac is already “exploding out of the gate,” as she would describe it. She expects to see the brand in major retailers across the country and for it to become a go-to product for nursing mothers everywhere. With Molly’s innovative approach and dedication to creating solutions for her customers, the sky is the limit for Lacsnac!


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