Mohit Bhatia, the Thought Leader and Renowned Biomaterials Scientist at the Helm of Atelier Meats Corp. 

The rise of companies and their ability to make a mark in their target industries are quite often credited to the quality of their products and services. But, deserving of a toast, as well, are the minds behind the venture – those who conceptualized and managed to transform a seedling of a business idea into a flourishing company. Mohit Bhatia, a renowned biomaterial scientist, is one half of the power duo that established Atelier Meats Corp. With his expertise and passion for harnessing biotechnology to help provide a solution for some of today’s most pressing issues, he has successfully led a seasoned team of senior executives, scientists, and strategic advisers in propelling Atelier Meats to the top. 

The brainchild of Dr. Mohit Bhatia and Maghsoud Dariani, Atelier Meats is a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing lab-grown meats. It operates in line with the overarching mission to produce healthier and environmentally conscious proteins for the world without harming a single animal. 

“It’s time to reshape the global food system,” declared Atelier Meats. Blazing a trail in today’s climate change-stricken landscape, it capitalizes on advanced biotechnology, tissue engineering, and process development to develop proprietary technology and processes for producing cultured meat that replicates the flavor and taste of traditional products. 

After its launch, Atelier Meats quickly reached numerous operational and corporate milestones, including increasing the intellectual property portfolio, strengthening the balance sheet, and increasing scientific breadth through world-class partnerships. It has earned several recognitions and bagged a long list of achievements. Right now, the industry leader stands as an authority in providing a cleaner and more ethical approach to bringing quality meat to the dinner table. 

Spearheading the efforts of Atelier Meats is Dr. Mohit Bhatia, who leads the company’s all-out approach toward advancing and expanding its technology portfolio. The Chief Science Officer received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from New York University and completed his postdoctoral training at Rockefeller University, as well as at Harvard Medical School. 

For nearly two decades, Dr. Mohit worked with Celgene Corporation and served in various capacities in the fields of placenta-based biomaterials, ECM scaffolds, and stem cells for more than fifteen years. His highly accomplished career saw him developing several placenta-based products, including injectable collagen, an extracellular matrix, and two commercial products – BIOVANCE, an amniotic membrane product and INTERFYL, a connective tissue matrix. Additionally, the top biomaterials scientist holds several patents for placental biomaterials and has published numerous papers and presented at leading conferences around the world for tissue-based therapies. 

At Atelier Meats, the thought leader currently plays an integral role in overseeing and building collaborations with research and development partners. Earlier this March, he was at the frontlines as the company entered into a multi-year and multidisciplinary collaborative R&D agreement with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, to help develop Atelier’s proprietary technology. Together with Maghsoud Dariani, Dr. Mohit has pushed Atelier Meats to great heights. In the years to come, this acclaimed biotechnology company is set to make greater waves under the leadership of two brilliant minds passionate about changing the system.


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