Mission-Driven Art: Ray Corral Turns Architecture Into Mosaic Masterpieces

Art, a medium that people of the past and present utilize not only to express themselves but also to record history and convey powerful messages, continues to play a significant role today. Over the decades, it has evolved, taking on new faces and transforming along with the advent of digital technology. Amid the new forms of art that have cropped up, mosaics remain popular, but many are no longer familiar with their beauty and significance. Ray Corral, an award-winning mosaicist at the helm of a renowned global architectural mosaic design company, is currently bringing the spotlight to a practice that originated in Mesopotamia. 

On a mission to immortalize mosaics in the modern world, Ray Corral is the founder and owner of Mosaicist, Inc, a Miami-based firm with two decades of history in designing and manufacturing mosaic artworks and applications for churches, city projects, commercial locations, and swimming pools. It is the only company of its kind in the United States, and it has also risen through the ranks by being one of the few ventures in the world that can see through a project from its conceptualization to its final installation. 

So far, this widely acclaimed industry authority has completed projects spanning the globe, including Russia, London, Cypress, Switzerland, the United States, and the Caribbean. In the process, Mosaicist has managed to not only introduce the art of creating images with an assemblage of pieces of stone, colored glass, and other materials to countless people but also secure a coveted spot at the forefront of the field. 

Mosaicist’s position at the top of the game is expected to remain unshaken in the years to come, thanks to the leadership and creative vision of Ray Corral. With over thirty years of experience, the highly accomplished artist has established a name as the go-to expert in installing mosaics in pools. To this date, around 350 pools that feature mosaic masterpieces bear the signature touch of the Mosaicist’s founder. 

In transforming architectural projects into standout works of art, Ray Corral and his team place a heavy premium on creating custom designs that work in unison with the build and style of the building, home, or pool. Additionally, they highlight the importance of marrying traditional approaches and modern craftsmanship, offering installation options whose techniques and methods date back to the Byzantine era but utilize high-performance installation products and methods. 

Right now, Mosaicist stands at the summit of the industry, having snagged numerous accomplishments under its belt. The recipient of numerous awards, it is set to reach greater heights in the future not only because of its high-quality mosaic craftsmanship, stellar service, and lead time but also because of the all-out attitude Ray Corral has toward creating timeless pieces and his commitment to pushing the art to public consciousness.



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