Meet Ryan Margolin: The CEO leading Professional Hair Labs

Ryan Margolin is a business leader and entrepreneur who has sold over $40 million of products globally. Over the course of his career, he has taken on seemingly impossible projects, creating value by looking at them from a different perspective than everyone else. Ryan has worked in more than 15 countries and excels at connecting the dots for success. His expertise lies in his ability to quickly formulate simple, realistic strategies that create value from what others think are dead ends. He currently owns and runs several companies that deal in distribution, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce and earn between 6 and 8 figures a year, respectively.

Having received his master’s degree in Digital Marketing in Dublin, Ireland, he applied all that he had learned to his companies, which resulted in expanding the manufacturing capabilities of one of those businesses tenfold. One of his companies is Professional Hair Labs, which he runs with his brothers and has helped make it one of the top businesses in the industry. In fact, it is the #1 Choice of Hair Replacement Professionals as well as the World Leader in Cosmetic Bonding. 

Established in 1994, Professional Hair Labs manufactures cosmetic bonding adhesives, shampoos, scalp treatments, skincare, and cleansers for the hair and beauty industry. The company was founded to bring safe and effective solutions for non-surgical hair replacement to the market. Since then, it has created the most popular brand of cosmetic bonding adhesives in the market, Ghostbond. Using the same principle and methodologies, Professional Hair Labs now manufactures cosmetic products for many companies globally, including skin care, hair care, body care, self-tanning, sanitizers, etc. For nearly three decades, this business has become a trusted industry leader with manufacturing facilities in Ireland and the US.

Talking about how it all started, Ryan Margolin says, “I grew up with both of my parents working in the hair replacement industry, so they had owned their own companies for my whole life. Watching this process and all the ups and downs over the many years, it inspired me to take that journey as well. I learned that risks are part of any business, and if it doesn’t work out, it provides valuable opportunities to learn.”

Many well-known brands stocked on salon shelves have chemical ingredients that interfere with the natural PH balance of the skin and are often considered major health risks.

At Professional Hair Labs, they commit to salon owners and their clients that they will never introduce these harmful chemicals into their formulas. While the industry is constantly growing, their pledge further strengthens to consistently innovate and develop new and improved formulas with safety in mind. This means they manufacture an alternative hair care range that is safe for the skin, environment-friendly, and guarantees satisfaction. 

Ryan Margolin likes to think of himself as a serial entrepreneur. He has a passion for mentorship and believes in empowering small businesses. He frequently leverages his wealth of experience in order to assist and advise other business owners. With his help, many start-ups have been empowered to make the most of their concepts and successfully scale their businesses without sacrificing flexibility, clarity, or dedication to putting people first.

As far as Ryan is concerned, personal development and the ability to view things from new perspectives have been his biggest challenges. “One of the significant learning curves of my life came in 2011 when I attempted to use the same principles and methodologies that helped grow the US operations over to Europe, and it fell flat on its face. That taught me that business is not singular and that in order to be a successful international business leader, you have to be multi-faceted in different disciplines,” shares Ryan. 

He emphasizes the importance of developing yourself and learning from your mistakes. Failure is a defining characteristic of the human experience. We all go through it; every single one of us. It’s how we respond to that failure that separates us from those who will ultimately move past it and those who will be stuck in failure, potentially for the rest of their lives. Hence, it’s smarter to learn from your experiences, stand up again and keep going forward. 

Due to Ryan’s unwavering contributions towards the business world and his unparalleled career growth, he has been awarded the Inc. 500 Honouree for 2019, 2020, and 2021, Click Funnels 8-Figure and Click Funnels 8-Figure C Awards. Along with this, he has been featured in and other leading publications.​  

Ryan Margolin’s ethos is based on the core values of putting people first and challenging industry standards while paying it forward whenever possible. His intuitive business sense, attention to detail, and dedication to his customers have paved the way to his success and will continue to guide him in his future endeavors.  


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