How Caleb Boxx and YouTube Automation Teaches Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Make Passive Income Online

Caleb Boxx might be only 22 years old, but he makes seven figures per year. Chances are, you’ve watched YouTube videos made by him or his students — which have nearly one billion subscribers in total and have generated millions of dollars too.

The founder of YouTube Automation helps creators automate their channels and works less than four hours weekly. He has been working online since he launched his first website at the young age of 11 and has been growing his income and influence ever since.

Today, his company employs more than 200 tech experts and thought-leaders while being known as the top YouTube automation agency worldwide. 
In addition to running his own YouTube channels and his agency, he has over half a million Instagram followers, runs a three-level mentorship program, Mastermind group, and more. 
He devised the idea for YouTube Automation while struggling to make videos for his own channel. He had no shortage of video ideas but not nearly enough time to write the scripts, film, edit, add B-roll, voiceover, and all the other time-consuming parts of video making that non-creators may not be aware of. 
He knew there was a way to be faster by delegating some of the work to freelancers while he supplied the ideas and content. His initial trials with this new system went so well that he saw his monthly passive income thrive, and soon he was the owner of a family of automated YouTube channels.

Here are Boxx’s top tips for spending less time creating your videos and making passive income from YouTube.

Automate Your Channel

In automating his own channel and sharing what he’d learned with others, he was shocked to learn how many well-known creators felt like he did — burned out from constantly filming themselves and looking to take a step back. They still wanted to share their ideas with the world but were becoming burned and looking for ways to automate. 

“YouTube Automation is taking a business approach to the platform,” Boxx said, “Yes, people get into creating videos because they love it. But, when a channel relies on your face for years and years, it gets tiring. Even Logan Paul had to finally shift away from being the face of his own channel. It’s challenging to show up daily and film your life and your face. I’ve found a way to solve that pain point for YouTube creators,” he explained. 

He suggests moving to a system where you use freelancers to perform the majority of the work on your video ideas. 

“By using professionals that you hire on sites like Upwork to edit videos, narrate, and more, you basically only have to come up with the video idea and send it off to them with certain systems in place. But don’t get confused; you can’t use other people’s work as your own. You need to provide the ideas and possibly narrate or write the script, but the rest is done for you,” he said.

Learn from the Best

Learning from the experts at YouTube Automation is the best and easiest way to begin the automation process. His company offers three program levels — from an option where they complete the entire process for you to an in-depth, yearlong program where you are immersed in the backend world of automation.

Boxx devised these levels to ensure that there is an easy automation for choice for every creator and channel. The levels include The Automation Program, The YouTube Automation Course, and The Elite Mentorship Program.

The first choice is Boxx’s plug-and-play option, The Automation Program, requiring less than an hour of the client’s time. This is useful for busy professionals with little time but a desire to automate. 

This program sees Boxx and his team build and manage your YouTube channel, hire your content team, assign a channel manager, find consultants, and supply eight videos monthly for a year. 

The star offering is The Elite Mentorship Program, requiring a minimum of seven hours weekly for a year to learn about automation and growing your YouTube business. It includes access to YouTube University, Boxx’s mastermind group, a dedicated graphic designer, private mentorship, weekly calls, consultation, and a foray into branding deals.

Get Brand Deals

Speaking of branding deals, Boxx and his agency are well-known in the arena of brand deals and can help clients with appropriate subscriber counts enter the lucrative world of brand deals. 

This is when creators make sponsored videos and paid content for clients. The companies that pay for these sponsorships love the high views they get and the viewers’ loyalty to the creators promoting their products. As a result, they report much higher conversion rates than simply advertising on TV or in magazines. 

Using these tips, Boxx assures creators that they can up their income and lower their workload in no time. 

About Caleb Boxx

Caleb Boxx is a founder of YouTube Automation, a business model that allows people to automate their YouTube channels creating passive income. Boxx has helped hundreds of content creators. To learn more about Caleb Boxx, please visit


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