Meet Jason Linett: The Hypnotherapist Making His Mark

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Jason Linett is revolutionizing the hypnotherapy landscape with invaluable training. As a seasoned pioneer of hypnotic practice, Linett’s journey inspires aspiring hypnotherapists and educates on the profitability of hypnotherapy as a career.

Linett, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Award-Winning Instructor of Hypnosis and NLP, has made changing lives with the power of words a reality. Going beyond words, Linett’s practices create a verifiable Hypnotic Phenomenon that helps clients genuinely feel the change. From helping clients lose weight, achieve peak performance, and conquer fears, hypnotherapy transforms serious issues into serious improvement.

With numerous diverse hypnotherapies, the many approaches Linett offers include mind-opening sessions, all-positive pre-talk, suggestibility tests, hypnotic tonality, and more. Operating within an NLP model, he views the profession as options-oriented, as options are what drive him. Wanting to change the all too common pattern of hypnotherapists rehashing the advice learned from instructors, he creates innovative and fresh ways of thinking that increase effectiveness and produce results. 

Linett became passionate about hypnotism when a stage hypnosis toured at his college. Eagerly studying as many hypnosis resources as possible, he realized how hypnosis has a real and swift impact that is more than magic. His background in technical theater and arts administration gave him a unique perspective, allowing him to create motivational programs for schools and corporate audiences.

Becoming a master at his craft, Linett became certified by many major organizations and shared his insights worldwide as a speaker at significant hypnosis conventions. His business also attained two Comma Awards for Empowering Hypnotize Entrepreneurs and expanded to a popular Work Smart Hypnosis podcast where global practitioners have a platform to share their stories.

In a field sometimes stuck in the “dark ages” of dispelling myths, Linett chooses to spotlight the amazing advancements in the industry. He combats the confusion associated with other hypnotherapy training programs by emphasizing the important how and why behind specific Hypnotic Language Hacks.

Standing out in the space, Linett is exceptionally committed to elevating others and creating a training program that sets students up for success quicker than other programs. Alleviating pain points, he pays close attention to what his audience wants and creates resources and workshops that acutely and efficiently address their issues. His methods proved incredibly fruitful, experiencing his first six-figure month after creating a successful group workshop event.

Growing up in a family of self-made businesspeople, Linett never feared the statistics that “most small businesses fail”. He held himself accountable, took action, and made things happen. One of the most significant lessons he learned is to think bigger and think bigger sooner. He believes that hypnotherapy’s history, dating back only to the late 19th century, shows that the profession can’t be limited to one way of doing things. His willingness to embrace online sessions and training, despite initial resistance, propelled the industry forward.

Jason Linett is the name to remember for sprouting hypnotherapists looking for inspiration and guidance. He envisions becoming a go-to source for professional hypnotherapy certifications and training. With his innovative approach and commitment to empowering others, the future of hypnotherapy is bright, with Linett leading the way.


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