Meet Alisha Pennington: The Female Founder and Entrepreneur Helping Brilliant Minds Start and Scale Their Own Businesses

“We stumbled on being entrepreneurs, but now we realize what being an entrepreneur can do for you in this country. There is so much power in this; if we can empower others, then that is the core of what we are trying to accomplish” — Alisha Pennington, Founder of Pennington Perspective.

If there is one good thing the internet has offered, it is the possibility for discussion. Social media platforms have given people a voice to speak up and bring attention to issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Most recently, the topic of “Quiet Quitting” emerged. Along with conversations of Quiet Quitting, many began to challenge the long-established practices of the American corporate world. Whether it be unequal pay, lack of work-life balance or glass ceilings, many have started to question what could be possible if they finally took a chance on the business ideas they’ve always wanted to pursue. Alisha Pennington, founder of Pennington Perspective, is a visionary with a knack for solving problems and empowering others – and the perfect person to speak on what is possible when one decides to venture on their own and start a successful side hustle or full-time business.

Alisha Pennington stumbled on being an entrepreneur. The effects of the great recession still lingered after Alisha graduated college with a degree in sports medicine, but the lack of employment at the time didn’t discourage her. With a sharp mind and a strong willingness to succeed, Alisha decided to use her expertise in healthcare to establish ATvantage – a staffing agency within the athletic training industry. By 2016, just four years into the business, Alisha and the team at  ATvantage had hit the million-dollar mark. By this point, Alisha had begun to see her life changing before her eyes. 

Those who witnessed Alisha Pennington’s success became inspired by her strategy as a business owner and entrepreneur. Soon enough, people were seeking professional guidance from her. Due to high demand, Alisha decided to launch a podcast. With a passion for helping others reach their utmost potential, Alisha dedicated her time to helping healthcare professionals become successful business owners. All this while continuing to develop ATvantage. By 2019, Alisha became published as a best practices author for self-employed work by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, further solidifying her success and allowing her business to function on its own. Alisha had begun to understand and enjoy the perks of having the time & financial freedom. She went on to share her success publicly by launching a course that would further help other entrepreneurs access “click by click” instructions on starting their own businesses. When Alisha noticed that the listeners to her podcast and subscribers to her course were also experiencing exponential success, that is when Alisha knew that she had cracked the code. No questions asked; being an entrepreneur in America is the way to go. 

As a woman and mother, it became Alisha Pennington’s mission to help empower other women to succeed in their respective fields. No more wage gap, no more quiet quitting; Alisha was ready to open doors for brilliant women with brilliant minds. That is when Pennington Perspective was born. Pennington Perspective was founded in 2020 by Alisha Pennington and her husband Maurice. Pennington Perspective is a consulting firm intended to help entrepreneurs in all industries launch and develop their businesses at the forefront of their corresponding markets. At Pennington Perspective, Alisha is the visionary; she sees business models and potential, while Maurice is the integrator. Maurice has a talent for execution strategy and getting the ball rolling. 

Pennington Perspective has a wide range of clients. From clients who are just starting to develop their business ideas to established business owners and even corporate clients. Pennington Perspective’s strategy is divided into three different paths. For those in the Idea Phase, Pennington Perspective helps business owners create viability for their business idea through competitive analysis & market research. For those in the Start-Up Phase, they build strong foundations (in regards to tax, contracts, business entity, etc.) so that the business owner can then flourish. For others, in what they call the Scaling Phase, Pennington Perspective actually travels to businesses to work immersively with clients. Alisha and Maurice are firm believers in the power of identifying the phase of a business to then execute adequate strategies for success. However and most importantly, Alisha and Maurice are advocates for people to believe in themselves and their ideas and to take control of their lives. 

“We’ve been teaching people how to build successful businesses and now it’s time to show them the lifestyle that comes along with it” – Alisha

From financial freedom, to growth and beyond, Alisha Pennington is committed to showing people what is possible when they leave their nine to five. After seeing the freedom and flexibility that business has allowed for her and her family, Alisha has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their own version of the same. Whether it’s pursuing their passion, becoming independent from a corporate system that is way outdated, or even aspiring to make their first million, Alisha Pennington and Pennington Perspective are here to help. 

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