Manisha Pratapsinh’s Business, Purpose, and Practicality

Manisha Pratapsinh's Business, Purpose, and Practicality
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

Today, we want to highlight the career of a woman we admire and who is helping people, in particular women around the world, to get the right mindset when it comes to business or succeeding in their life in any field. Manisha Pratapsinh’s journey started with a simple phone call among partners – they noticed a gap in civil construction services in Mozambique and decided to fill it. No big revelation, just a practical response to a local need. This laid the foundation for a business that’s now making a difference in the construction industry in her country. 

Not content with one venture, Manisha ventured into the transportation sector, starting a bus company. Why? Because not everyone has access to private transport in Mozambique, especially in rural areas. Her motivation was relatable – addressing a problem she faced herself when transporting construction materials. Being a woman in industries dominated by men brought its own set of challenges. Manisha shares candidly about the struggles and how she navigated them. No heroic tales, just the everyday reality of proving herself in a male-dominated space. What makes Manisha’s story relatable is her simple yet powerful message – you can achieve anything, regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, or your background. It’s not a grand philosophy; it’s a mindset she carries into her daily life to tackle challenges head-on. But, what are the principles that guide Manisha’s business approach – humility, commitment, honesty, and leadership. No lofty ideals, just practical values that she incorporates into her day-to-day operations, aiming to lead by example.

Manisha’s professional journey commenced modestly and then birthed a pragmatic response, a business endeavor aimed at fulfilling a local exigency. This initial venture laid the groundwork for a burgeoning enterprise that now exerts a palpable influence within the construction sector.

Undeterred by the success of her initial endeavor, Manisha embarked upon a foray into the transportation domain, establishing a bus company. Her rationale was straightforward – recognizing the dearth of accessible transport, particularly in rural locales. Her impetus stemmed from a relatable source, a desire to mitigate a logistical challenge she herself encountered while procuring construction materials.

Navigating predominantly male-dominated industries posed formidable challenges for Manisha. She candidly recounts her struggles, devoid of embellishments or heroic embellishments, illustrating the quotidian reality of asserting oneself in a traditionally male-centric milieu. What renders Manisha’s narrative compelling is her succinct yet potent message – the attainment of success knows no boundaries of origin, appearance, or lineage. It is not an elaborate ideology but a pragmatic ethos she espouses, ingrained in her approach to confronting challenges head-on.

Manisha’s business ethos is underpinned by a set of fundamental principles – humility, commitment, honesty, and leadership. Devoid of grandiloquent rhetoric, these are pragmatic values that undergird her day-to-day operations, underlining her aspiration to lead by example and effect tangible change within her spheres of influence.

Manisha Pratapsinh’s endeavors transcend mere business acumen; they encapsulate a broader commitment to social responsibility and community empowerment. Her ventures in both construction and transportation sectors not only address tangible market needs but also contribute to the socioeconomic development of underserved regions, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Pratapsinh’s emphasis on humility, honesty, and leadership underscores the significance of grounded values in navigating the tumultuous terrain of entrepreneurship. Through her actions, she epitomizes the transformative potential of individuals driven by a steadfast commitment to effecting positive change, one endeavor at a time.

Manisha Pratapsinh now lives in Spain, after having moved to different countries such as Portugal and France. She studies the market of every country she visits or lives in to ensure she gets the best ideas to bring to her home country, that is what makes her succeed. 

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