Lyubov Tsokolo, Natalia Petlyakova, Olga Kesaeva and Oksana Starodubtseva united more than 200 successful business women in Dubai at SÚPER MAMÁ INTERNATIONAL events

Lyubov Tsokolo , Natalia Petlyakova , Olga Kesaeva and Oksana Starodubtseva united more than 200 successful business women in Dubai at SÚPER MAMÁ INTERNATIONAL events
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The international business events, bringing together successful entrepreneurs, top managers and owners of large companies from all over the world, took place for the third time. The founders of the Super Mama brand, Lyubov Tsokolo and Natalia Petlyakova and, with the support of partners and shareholders Olga Kesaeva and Oksana Starodubtseva, organized a large-scale events aimed at business development, strengthening international ties and creating mutually beneficial cooperation.

More than 50 speakers spoke at the Super Mama Business Forum on November 2 at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah. A bright business event supports female entrepreneurs and gathers proactive goal-oriented women who know how to run successful projects.

Among the speakers at the forum, there were so much diversity: CEOs and top managers representing large, medium, and small businesses; leading experts, athletes, famous personalities, politicians, and renown journalists. Giving public speeches and individual sessions, they shared  details on building a fast-paced career in international companies, give valuable practical recommendations and tips based on their personal experience.

They  also provided the guests with specific tools and contacts in Dubai – you can use them in your activities and increase the profit of your business. This is a great opportunity to learn from success stories made by real people around you. On top of it, you had chance present yourself and your project to a high-quality target audience, meeting both potential partners and clients.

The bright end of the Super Mama series of events in Dubai was a gala dinner and awards ceremony . Imagine: spotlights, a large hall, a beautiful audience, the clink of glasses. The guests of the event was waiting a bright and rich program, followed by announcing the Super Mama Awards nominees – modern role models demonstrating an exceptional level and quality of life.

For the last 8 years, more than 200 successful women have received recognition and the Super Mama Awards.  An elegant gift ceremony is then followed by a gala dinner.

The list of invited guests included world-class influencers and celebrities.

You can also get worldwide recognition and be marked with the Super Mama brand, becoming a nominee or an award ceremony partner in next year . It is a perfect opportunity to reach a high-quality target audience for your brand or product.

The ideas and projects made by women, their energy and goals are strong and visible on a global scale nowadays. The Super Mama brand is going to unite club residents and VIP clients who have already achieved success and are ready to share their secrets. Besides, we welcome everyone planning to take their business to the international level, find like-minded people, partners and a supportive community, gaining networking and inspiring collaborations.

Three events in Dubai are designed by the Super Mama Organizing Committee to present you and your brand in the most effective way to a unique audience in B2B and B2C segments.

Super Mama brings together active, purposeful women to change the world!



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