Lyndon Johnson of Cloud Peak Nutrition is Helping People Restore their Active Lifestyles through the Brand, Resolitrol®

The occasional breakdown when overworked or mismanaged is part of the human body’s design. While it is natural for that to happen, it is not entirely out of control and takes knowing the right things to do and use. Dietary supplement brand, Resolitrol® is a new confirmed offering in the active health space, designed to combat the things that slow down humans’ active lifestyles.

Founded by CloudPeak Nutrition and led by seasoned health and wellness expert Lyndon Johnson, Resolitrol® is the perfect solution for those struggling to get their bodies to keep up with an active lifestyle. Leveraging over forty years of experience in the health and wellness industry and thirty years in the dietary supplements space, Lyndon Johnson aims to improve lives and deliver the solution to a problem that many people struggle with.

Resolitrol® is confirmed to do what it promises from the reviews many users have left. Lyndon Johnson spearheading the company has also brought about some positive returns as the seasoned wellness expert has expressed optimism about how much the company stands to achieve in the future. “I am so proud to be a part of CloudPeak Nutrition and our product Resolitrol®. There are few clinically studied/patented items in our industry we can trust. Resolitrol® sets the bar at a higher standard for those who currently consume supplements and care about greater immune health, well-being and performance/recovery.” 

The product, Resolitrol®, is tested and proven to help reduce achiness, boost immune health, control blood glucose, and improve recovery, among other benefits. It is a perfect blend of trans-resveratrol and ursolic acid, which delivers eight times more effects than taking either of the ingredients alone. Resolitrol® is a game-changer in the treatment of all forms of joint and bone pain.

At the center of CloudPeak Nutrition’s mission is a strong passion for health and wellness as it goes all out to deliver clinically studied, patented and proven all-natural combinations of effective ingredients to impact lives positively. In a world where people crave high-quality health and wellness but barely get it from existing products, CloudPeak Nutrition is bringing people’s dreams to life through Resolitrol®.

“Getting the opportunity to impact the world this way is an honor, and one that I’m happy to oblige,” President and CEO Lyndon Johnson said. “In addition to our current range of highly effective and healthy products, we plan to roll out more products to cater to the evolving needs of our customers and global citizens of the world.”


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