Looking For Your Next Vacation Home? This Luxury Real Estate Investor Suggests Cabo, Mexico

Looking For Your Next Vacation Home? This Luxury Real Estate Investor Suggests Cabo, Mexico
Photo Courtesy: Victoria Antoszkiewicz

By: Joshua Finley

Born in Poland, Victoria Antoszkiewicz’s journey into hospitality and luxury real estate has been extraordinary. With over two decades of experience managing private properties and resorts globally, Victoria has left her mark on the industry. However, her connection with Cabo, Mexico, has become the centerpiece of her impressive career.

From Hospitality to Real Estate Sales and Development

Victoria’s career began in Warsaw, Poland, where she honed her hospitality and hotel management skills. Over the years, she transitioned to managing private properties and resorts in diverse locations, including the British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Her dedication to delivering unparalleled luxury experiences propelled her into roles involving project development and collaboration with renowned designers and product launch companies, solidifying her reputation in the industry. “Throughout my career, I’ve always been dedicated to luxury,” she says.

Discovering a Passion for Cabo

2014 Victoria decided to move to Cabo, drawn by its opulent lifestyle and unique charm. “I was instantly attracted to Cabo’s luxurious feel and lifestyle,” she says. “It’s different than other parts of Mexico. It feels like Southern California blended with Arizona.” This distinctiveness has made Cabo a magnet for those seeking a sophisticated yet relaxed environment. “It attracts people from around the world!” Victoria says.

Within Cabo’s dynamic real estate landscape, Victoria has carved out a niche focusing on luxury sales and property development. Her expertise spans three crucial segments: interior design, luxury estate sales, and community development. “I always offer my clients the best experience,” she says. “I work hard to understand what options are available to them so I can serve them to the best of my ability.”

Navigating Luxury Real Estate Abroad

In luxury real estate, Victoria emphasizes the importance of understanding the local market intricacies and providing turnkey solutions for her clients. She understands the significance of location, amenities, and seamless transactions in fulfilling the dreams of her clientele. “Patience is key when you’re buying in a foreign country,” she says. “There may be challenges, but I handle all that for my clients.” Victoria’s approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Transitioning from hospitality to real estate was a natural progression for Victoria, as it allowed her to seamlessly integrate her passion for creating exceptional experiences with her business savvy. “Real estate isn’t just about selling properties for me,” she says. “I’m all about curating lifestyles and helping people find their dream properties. I want to help them find a place where they truly belong.”

Looking to the Future

Victoria’s insights into the intricacies of buying luxury properties abroad are invaluable for international investors. She emphasizes the importance of local knowledge, patience, and due diligence in navigating foreign markets. She hopes to collaborate with investors to develop bespoke residential communities in Cabo and continue establishing herself as a premier realtor and interior design agency in the region, redefining luxury living standards.

To connect with Victoria, visit her website at CaboLuxuryLiving.com.


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