Loan Pro 365: Pablo Samsing’s Solution for Homebuyers and Realtors Looking to Close Deals in Quick Fashion

People who set goals often prioritize the act of saving money to help them get started on their journey, whether it’s a house they’ve been eyeing for years, the car of their dreams, or a business they’ve planned to open for some time. While saving can help them through the journey, banks and loan companies often play a significant role in reaching their destination faster. Loan Pro 365 is a company that was developed to provide people with solutions and bring them closer to their goals.

Loan Pro 365 is a company that was built as a solution provider for future homeowners and realtors looking to make quick closings and resolve problems. Behind the establishment of the brand, one can find Pablo Samsing, an individual who has built a name for himself working in the financial services industry. Through the years, he has been recognized for his entrepreneurship skills in negotiation, luxury goods, sales, real estate property, and investment properties, making him one of the most respected and sought-after individuals in the entrepreneurial space. 

An engineering graduate from the University of Florida, Pablo’s professional career would start at the Florida Mortgage Solutions Group, where he thrived as the VP. He would later shift his focus to the loan industry. There, Pablo was surprised by the complexity of the loan process, which could go on for months before clients finally get the loan they needed, only to learn it wasn’t enough to help their situation. Looking to change things, he established Loan Pro 365.

Loan Pro 365 was founded in 2006 and spent the first five years servicing home buyers and seasoned investors, closing deals as quickly as possible with the best terms. Since then, the company has developed a strong reputation with its services, providing people with home loans, commercial loans, refinancing loans, and bad credit home loans. Loan Pro also specializes in various residential and commercial loan types like conventional, FHA, foreign national, VA, refinance, jumbo, and private or hard money.

“We close over 98% of all loans that we pre-approve,” said Loan Pro 365 founder and CEO Pablo Samsing.

Throughout its years in operation, Loan Pro 365’s reputation for quickly closing nearly every loan has helped it grow in the market. The company’s success can be attributed to Pablo’s knowledge, experience, and leadership. Still, he also credits the growth to his team, consisting of ten employees. They all carry a high level of knowledge and experience that boosts their reputation in the Florida area. Loan Pro has also garnered state-wide recognition for its 24/7 assistance and willingness to provide free business consultations. 

When the global pandemic started to sweep across the world, it caused a domino effect on the economy and left many to struggle in its wake. However, Pablo Samsing and Loan Pro 365 were able to stay afloat and waited for the right time to make their move. In 2021, mortgage rose, and Pablo utilized his flexibility to turn the tides in the loan industry. He became instrumental in providing people with new homes, helping realtors close deals along the way. 

Throughout the crisis, Pablo and Loan Pro kept themselves together and played a hand in securing homes for people. Once the crisis subsides, Pablo Samsing hopes to elevate Loan Pro 365 to reach new heights.


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