Lisa Collum the Inspirational Woman Behind Top Score Writing, Inc.

As the old adage goes, teaching is one of the noblest professions. Since time immemorial, educators have been instrumental in shaping the youth’s mindset, character, and beliefs that prepare them for life. Lisa Collum is a teacher who developed her passion for teaching and inspiring others into educational companies intended to help students achieve their academic goals. 

The inspiring woman’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur started when she was still teaching in a Title I school. At the time, she saw that many students struggled even with the most basic writing tasks and subsequently identified a need for better instruction. From her intuitive observations, she then crafted a unique writing curriculum consisting of daily lessons primarily designed for students to build on each other. 

Eventually, Lisa Collum’s flagship venture, Top Score Writing, Inc, was born. The company was built on the same mission she had when she created the curriculum for her students. From its humble beginnings of having only $100 for funding and minimal knowledge in running a business, the educator has effectively scaled the enterprise into a million-dollar entity.

In the past year, the businesswoman has found yet another opportunity to grow the business while helping out fellow teachers. She onboarded 25 educators who have been working hard all summer long as part-time sales representatives. In the process, she is empowering them to make money and have financial freedom.

Currently, the company stands out as the only program specifically designed to prepare students for a variety of state assessments. On top of that, hundreds of schools across the nation have adopted the curriculum and are being used by tens of thousands of students.

What makes her immense success even more impressive is that the mother of four was able to balance growing a business with starting a family, having kids, and working full time. Lisa Collum is truly an inspirational personality, and she encourages everyone to start pursuing their goals. She is proof that being a homemaker, having little knowledge about something, or not having massive funding is not a hindrance to success. Through perseverance, patience, and faith, she was able to achieve her dreams and more. Aside from that, she also runs a nonprofit organization. 

When asked to share advice with other women, she said, “I want every woman to know they can start a business. I encourage them to start it on the side, and you can be a mom and run a family. You don’t have to choose. Building it on the side allows you to keep it low risk and build it over time. We all have a passion or interest; make it a business and do something you love.”

Because of her stellar contributions to the education sector, the teacher-turned-entrepreneur is regularly invited to present at conferences and events to speak about various topics, including business development, work-life balance, overcoming obstacles, female empowerment, and childhood education. 

As for her plans in the future, Lisa Collum hopes to bring Top Score Writing to all states and even expand to other countries. She also wishes to continue inspiring women and mothers to build a career out of their passion, just like she did. 

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