Learn How Arquella Hargove of Epic Collaborative Advisors Helps Organizations Develop Hybrid Teams In Today’s Marketplace

Arquella Hargrove is an American DEI/HR specialist and the CEO of Epic Collaborative Advisors —  An organization that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion for top private and public sector organizations across North America. As founder of ECA, Arquella has found that many organizations in today’s marketplace find it to be difficult to build productive diverse teams. Hargrove wants you to know that within diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies are able to unlock new levels of productivity and morale within their organization. We sat down with Arquella to learn more about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and more specifically Hybrid Teams and how you can develop one to take your company to the next level.

The Spur Of The Pandemic

Due to what many call the “Great Resignation” — Or people leaving their organization(s) due to the pandemic, it has given companies a great opportunity to address the culture and diversity, equity, and inclusion of their company. As the quote goes: “The glass is either half empty or half full” — instead of wallowing in talent recruitment hardships, this time is an important one for companies to make changes within. Arquella wants you to know that the more diverse, equitable, and inclusive your organization is, the more productive and happy your team will be. As the pandemic has been remedied in the workforce and companies go back to orthodox operations, Arquella wants you to think of ways that you can adapt your organization — particularly how to be ‘Hybrid’.

Hybrid Workforce

With many benefits, it’s also important to highlight the importance of allowing staff to be able to come in and out of the office or work remotely in your new staffing benefit plans. This leads to a hybrid work environment, something that Arquella is huge on in her advisory to the many companies that retain her firm. Hargrove went on to say “People have found a lot of value in working from home, and having a more flexible in & out of the office work schedule. As companies shift back into full time offices, find ways to offer opportunities to candidates to keep some of the benefits of remote work.” As the marketplace continues to shift, look at hybrid flexibility as a competitive edge advantage to staffing & recruiting for your company in your marketplace.

This Opportunity Won’t Last ForeverIt is crucial in today’s marketplace for your organization to further establish a strong culture and staffing strategy that includes Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion & Hybrid Benefits. Living in an era of exponential growth in many industries — It’s safe to say that the speed of change for the many sectors of commerce aren’t going anywhere. If you are looking to take your organization to the level, and find out how your vision aligns with the right strategy and resources with building Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion & Hybrid workforce, Arquella is here to help. To connect with nationally recognized Arquella Hargrove and her full service national based firm — Epic Collaborative Advisors, click here.


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