Learn How Alec Hanson Is Making An Impact On The Future Of Mortgage Origination For Years To Come

Alec Hanson is an American business professional & SVP of Production at loanDepot. In Alec’s 18-year career as a mortgage professional, he has worked just about every job in the space from: Receptionist, Processor, Production Assistant, Mortgage Originator, Branch Manager, to now being Senior Vice President of Production overseeing over 8 states and over $8B in production for the Pacific Southwest division of loanDepot. Hanson’s impact on the mortgage industry has never gone unnoticed, he has been praised nationally for his efforts to promote brand building for individual loan officers across the country with his online presence. Hanson believes that in order to succeed in the future marketplace of mortgage origination, loan officers and mortgage lending companies must focus on brand building and empowering agents to be known, liked, & trusted in their communities. Hanson views that in order to compete against growing mortgage companies who claim there is no relevance or need for local professionals — Firms and loan consultants must build personal brand authority online as well as inside their local communities. 

To learn more about this brand equity and personal branding, we sat down with Alec Hanson to learn more about how he is doing his part to advocate for change. 

Why Personal Branding Is Important

Alec Hanson wants you to know that in today’s digital world, personal branding matters. At loanDepot, Hanson encourages and trains his team to use their personal brands on social media to connect with people daily and build face value. The reason why personal branding is so important is due to the fact that it gives local mortgage originators a voice to be liked, known, & trusted in their communities for their professional services. As the mortgage industry heats up, domestic national providers are championing a false narrative that the local professionals don’t matter. By using social and building a personal brand, local lenders can compete in the market. showcasing the specialist that they are, to win over more deals in the communities they serve.  

Alec’s Tips To Success With Personal Branding

Hanson believes that in order to have a real meaningful personal brand, you need to use video. As an advocate, Hanson actually walks the talk — You can find him on social media producing content and engaging his audience to tune in to his branded content daily. Alec recommends further that personal brand content needs to be deeper than just the services you provide, a great word Hanson likes to use is: “Transparency.” The more open & honest you are with your audience, the more folks will be able to relate to you and begin to Like, Know, & Trust you. The goal with personal branding is to be omnipresent, or in multiple places at once. In the case of personal branding this means streaming content and getting attention so often that people think of you and your services daily.  

The Future Of Mortgage Origination & How To Succeed In The Future Marketplace

Anything new is easier said than done, especially when it comes to learning how to use social media and personal branding to grow your business. Other than the many free videos and content Alec produces daily on tips & tricks lenders can use to work on their personal branding game — Alec has another even better solution for you. Hanson’s organization loanDepot is constantly recruiting and seeking top local talent that have a desire to take their business to the next level. For those that believe that a personal brand is going to be a definitive factor to marketplace success, you can inquire directly to Alec to see if there’s an opportunity to join loanDepot and get even more resources in training to better your online branding. 
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