Leading the Charge in Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Global Sales: Simon Chassar’s Journey in the Technology Industry

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-wearing-watch-with-black-suit-Ws4wd-vJ9M0
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-wearing-watch-with-black-suit-Ws4wd-vJ9M0

Leadership plays a crucial role in shaping the success of any organization — and Simon Chassar’s influence in the enterprise technology and cybersecurity field is no exception. With over 20 years of international experience in various leadership roles within the IT and OT sector, he has left his mark on the industry as a prominent and influential figure. 

Pioneering Leadership in the Tech Industry 

Simon’s journey in the technology industry began in the late ’90s, and since then, he has consistently demonstrated his exceptional capabilities in leadership. His impressive career includes stints at multinational organizations such as NTT, Cisco, Avaya, VMware, and Actifio, where he garnered in-depth knowledge across the hardware, software, and services sectors.

Chassar began his role as the Chief Revenue Officer at Claroty at the end of 2022, taking charge of the global sales organization, overseeing territories, partnerships, sales engineers, sales development, and field operations. Cybersecurity is crucial now more than ever, and his leadership has been pivotal to Claroty’s growth and influence in the industry.

Prior to joining Claroty, he served as the Chief Revenue Officer of the security division at NTT globally, where he managed a vast organization encompassing sales, channels, and marketing, comprising over 300 professionals. During his tenure, he steered the division to deliver a staggering $1.5 billion in revenue, spanning products and services. “I am passionate about cybersecurity and its impact on protecting the world,” Chassar says. 

A Broad Skill Set

Chassar’s strengths go beyond traditional sales and business operations. His core competencies encompass managing and growing GTM teams in diverse geographical locations, nurturing high-performing talent, cultivating and maintaining multi-tiered customer relationships, executing corporate strategies, and implementing change management. He has also demonstrated his ability to optimize business performance and profitability, as well as seamlessly integrate acquisitions and partnerships. “I feel like I am contributing to the safe digital transformation of society,” he says. “These essential services we rely on are protected by the best cybersecurity systems available, guarding against malefactors who seek to harm our evolving global digital society.”

Moreover, Chassar has a remarkable track record of guiding startups from $20 million to over $100 million in annual recurring revenue, a testament to his knack for GTM (Go-to-Market) evolution, change, and efficient growth.

Passion for Cybersecurity

Chassar’s dedication to the field of cybersecurity is evident. He has shown unwavering commitment to safeguarding the industrial economy and healthcare systems from cyber threats. His expertise extends beyond corporate confines, as he actively engages with the analyst and press community. Furthermore, his presence at industry events and forums, where he shares his insights, makes him a respected thought leader in the cybersecurity space.

Chassar’s contributions, both at Claroty and in previous roles, are a testament to his ability to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in the complex and evolving field of technology and cybersecurity.


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