Law Firm Fitzgerald & Campbell’s Crusade on Educating People About the Statute of Limitation on Student Debt

Debts are a significant stumbling block in a person’s life as they can affect their credit score, impact their cash flow, and overall financial health. Students are especially prone to significant debt, and this can be seen in the amount of debt seen today. Debt holders have accumulated student debt over $1.59 trillion, creating a major issue in the United States. Despite the intimidating numbers, some law firms have been sharpening their expertise to help ease the debt, such as Fitzgerald & Campbell, a law firm that was built by Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell.

Gregory Fitzgerald was born and raised in Los Angeles County. He would earn his degree in accounting and started a career as a tax auditor for the IRS. However, Fitzgerald was dissatisfied with the US Tax Code, prompting him to study law at night while working as a contractor. His legal career would begin at a small firm before opening his own in 1992, where he represented consumers dealing with debt to injury, criminal defense, tenancy, and more. Six years later, Fitzgerald moved his practice to Santa Ana, expanding his services to include small businesses. Fitzgerald would later accept a position at The Seideman Law Firm, P.C., where he played a significant role in creating a nationwide team of lawyers to combat collection abuses, defend collection lawsuits, and resolve debt.

William Campbell’s career started after he served in the United States Army. After his service, Campbell attended the California State University Fullerton and later attended Southwestern Law School. Campbell’s legal career started at the Fresno County Public Defender’s office and the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, prosecuting from low-level misdemeanors to three-strike felony cases. He entered the Civil Law arena in 2009, focusing on the Federal Fair Debt Collections practices Act and the California Rosenthal Act protecting debtors from debt collectors engaging in illegal collection practices. 

Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell would later join together to create their firm Fitzgerald & Campbell in 2013. Together, they would build a staff of six lawyers and over 30 legal assistants. Based in California with offices in Santa Ana, Ontario, Alameda, and Bakersfield, Fitzgerald & Campbell have settled hundreds of thousands of accounts, litigating thousands more and saving their clients millions of dollars. 

With the United States currently facing unprecedented debt issues, the firm has shifted its attention to those in need, especially people who have accumulated student debts. Earlier in August, an article was published by lender SoFi stating there is no statute of limitations (SOL) on student loan debt. Fitzgerald disagreed stating it is without any doubt that private student loans are subject to SOL.

“The fact that student loans do have an SOL cannot be disputed,” said Fitzgerald, “SoFi knows this. Yet, they went on to reiterate the fallacy three more times in the article. That’s not a typo. That’s pushing a message. It is misinformation.”

With the excess debt issue ongoing, Fitzgerald & Campbell have been working to help as many people as possible out of their student debts. As they work to resolve this issue, the law firm hopes to save consumers and small business from creditor misinformation. 

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