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Drumming has been around for thousands of years and previously, different percussion instruments were in use before the drum set that we use today was invented. History specialists believe that people used to beat on items or trampled the surface to create and deliver melodic sounds in ancient times during religious ceremonies and different events, which was not only beneficial for both dancing and communication, but also touched the hearts and minds of attendees. The majority of historians agree that these instruments’ main motive was rather practical as in the past, superstitious and religious rituals were very important. Since drumming was one of the most effective means of communicating with a large number of people, people began to utilize them for military purposes shortly thereafter. The modern drum kits we have today evolved from the prehistoric passion and desire for rhythm.

Drums have been at the forefront of musical expression since the existence of mankind and drumming is, in fact, the earliest form of music in human history, dating back thousands of years, long before the earliest civilizations even existed. Despite the passage of thousands of years, drums are still utilized for practical and entertainment purposes.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the bass drum, cymbals, snare drum, and other percussion instruments were first accumulated into a drum unit that could be played by one individual. A snare drummer, Dee Dee Chandler, is said to have initiated this practice. 

Due to their larger role in rock music, drums underwent a significant change when they became widely popular. Since manufacturers began including increasingly more components in drum sets, each drummer now owns a unique drum kit. However, the fundamentals have remained largely unchanged since their introduction and with a bass drum, a few toms, snare, and cymbals on top, they still look like an hourglass today.

Different drums, like the majority of musical instruments, developed slowly over a period of time through innovation. The same holds true for drum beaters like felted mallets and drumsticks. One such person who is popularly known for manufacturing innovative, shock-absorbing, and high-quality drumsticks through his company Diemond Star, is the drummer, musician, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Landon Hall.

Hall is popularly known for the establishment of Diemond Star and the Music City Drum Show. His first drum set, which he used to learn to play, marked the beginning of his musical passion on his ninth birthday. At the age of just eleven, he started playing drums for a nearby megachurch out of a love for music. Even during high school, he continued to play drums for the worship team. This helped him polish his musical skills and made him proficient in piano, bass, and guitar.

Landon Hall
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Hall stepped into the professional world as a drummer of various bands including the rock band De La Torre, which was helmed by Anthony De La Torre. In 2016, he and his band, which included Anthony De La Torre, were featured on Nickelodeon’s 100 Things to Do Before High School. Because of his versatility and ability to play diverse genres, including pop, rock, and country, his various drum tracks for different songs have also been played on several radio stations all across the globe. Hall has also worked with a lot of famous people in the music industry including Desmond Child as his primary drummer, which gave him the opportunity to improve and enhance his musical skills. Throughout his career, Hall has also made guest appearances on Netflix, HBO, ABC, Lifetime, Spike, Syfy, and CBS, to name a few, and has shared the stage with all kinds of artists such as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Chad Smith, Katey Sagal, along with many others. 

Hall made the decision to concentrate on his entrepreneurial career after achieving success in his musical career. He used the knowledge he gained during his musical career to set up the Music City Drum Show, which brought the drumming community together. It mainly focuses on networking, drum displays, clinics, and sales. Through various shows and exhibitions, people can check out new releases from brands and buy drums, hardware, cymbals, drumsticks, and all kinds of drum accessories from brands around the world. 

In 2013, Hall established Diemond Star, which manufactures the most adaptable drumsticks on the market, as a means of expanding his business. These shock-absorbing and versatile drumsticks stand out among the company’s many products, accessories, and merchandise. The company utilizes high-quality engineering tools, techniques, and methods to develop accessories that help drummers feel less tired even after long music sessions. Through his business ventures and innovative products, Hall has not only made music creation more convenient for drummers but has also contributed to the revolution of the music industry.


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