KRX Aesthetics Celebrates Esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™

KRX Aesthetics Celebrates Esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™
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New York, New York – June 21st, 2023 – Krx Aesthetics has been selected to receive a 2023 Global Recognition AwardsTM for its outstanding achievements in offering the highest quality education and training across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK in the field of professional-grade Korean skincare procedures.

Under the leadership of Tatjana Trifunovic, a driven and inspiring single mother of two, the company has made a significant impact in the world of aesthetics, helping professionals provide exceptional service to clients while also spreading the message of the importance of proper skincare.

In an interview with Tatjana we asked her why she thought Korean skin care would be successful in the Australian and UK markets, Tatjana stated: 

“It is very easy for individuals in Australia to private label beauty products from China and promote their products as being “Australian owned”. I made it my mission to offer clean, clinical grade skin care products to the Australian and UK markets; products that contain the highest quality active ingredients and are developed in a laboratory rather than mass-produced in a factory. Korea is renowned for having the best skin care products in the world”.

A key factor that sets Krx Aesthetics Australia apart from its competitors is its innovative product offerings, specifically their revolutionary chemical-free Green Sea Peel and HA Filler. Tatjana stated that “ a few weeks ago we actually bought a Chinese version of our Green Sea Peel, which is retailing under names such as “Algae peel, Bio Microneedling, Spicule, Coral Peel” and sent these to our laboratory for testing. The test came back positive for the presence of E.coli, Yeast and Staph; this was a very sad day for us as I have personally known salons across the globe who have used these products on their clients and have implanted these diseases into their skin. Our Green Sea Peel is actually one of our most difficult products to manufacture and goes through the strictest of sterilisation and quality assurance procedures.”

By bringing these unique and effective professional-use products to Australia, KRX Aesthetics has played a crucial role in raising the overall standard of the industry. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and focus on continuous improvement is highly commendable. This was also demonstrated with a product they developed called the Pd-13 Therapy designed to provide an alternative to individuals on harsh medication for the treatment of acne, the procedure is a medication free acne recurrence prevention treatment that can also be used to treat the skin condition Rosacea, which many companies have failed to formulate.

Furthermore, Krx Aesthetics Australia’s focus on supporting and motivating other entrepreneurs truly demonstrates their commitment to fostering a community of excellence within the industry. By not only managing a sales chain and actively contributing to the growth of over 100 salons and entrepreneurs, Krx Aesthetics Australia has helped countless individuals reach their full potential. CEO Tatjana stated “ I read a quote once that said “competition happens at the bottom, the people at the top are collaborating” and it really resonated with me, we built our business model to ensure that everybody who worked with our brand would be a winner”.

In addition to their professional-use products, Krx Aesthetics has also launched a line of end-user skincare systems for at-home use that are formulated on a medical grade level. These products offer a seamless transition for clients who wish to maintain their skincare routine outside of the professional setting, further illustrating Krx Aesthetics Australia’s dedication to providing comprehensive care for their clients.

With their impressive list of accomplishments which includes training over 100 salons Australia-wide, contributing to the growth of over 200 businesses, and vigorously competing with prestigious brands, it is with great honour that we present Krx Aesthetics Australia with a 2023 Global Recognition AwardsTM . This distinction reflects their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and support for fellow professionals within the industry. Congratulations to Tatjana Trifunovic and the entire Krx Aesthetics Australia team.

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