Komey Tetteh Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Hedge Funds

A hedge fund is a restricted partnership of private investors whose money is managed by certified fund managers who use an extensive range of approaches, including leveraging or selling of non-traditional properties, to earn above-average investment yields. Hedge funds can only accept money from qualified investors, which includes people with annual earnings that exceed $200,000 or a net worth of more than $1 million, not including their primary residence. These investors are considered suitable to handle the prospective risks that hedge funds are permitted to take.

Hedge fund management jobs are incredibly competitive. So people most often begin as junior analysts and go through the ranks until they reach their desired position. Finding your way in with a part-time job may be the best strategy unless you have a personal connection to an owner or the superior management in a firm.

Komey Tetteh is a Dubai-based hedge fund manager, business investor, and financial trader. He hails from humble beginnings and uses the average tools available to produce extraordinary results in the financial markets. Komey offers trading services for hedge funds with 100 million plus capital under management. He shares, “Hedge fund managers typically own or work for an organization, and they freelance, adding value and additional strategies to existing funds.”

Komey officially became a freelance hedge fund trader in 2017 after displaying superior, consistent returns in the financial markets, offering his services to many institutions. His most recent project is the institutional trader gap scheme, where he directly empowers traders to communicate with the markets using advanced bridge technology. The institutional trader project uses relationships built over the years in the industry, eliminating the middleman from trading and giving professional traders direct liquidity terminals and clients access that was beforehand only the privilege of the wealthy.

While Komey was in a service desk career working for a top-ranked accounting firm, he quickly recognized real wealth would never be created by staying in a desk job. He, therefore, started investing in the stock market in 2010. After building a multi-year track record, Komey began managing portfolios, turning them into multi-million funds today. In 2020 Komey started investing in other projects and start-up companies and has developed his business investment portfolio expansively.

Trading regulated products under the supervision of top global jurisdictions and highly regulated ASIC (Australia regs) and FCA (UK regs) funds and becoming one of the principal funds they offer is Komey’s most notable career achievement. His advice is that life is 90% of how you act in situations presented.” You are the star of your movie; act like it!” Komey says. 

The business investor also shares that to become a hedge fund manager, you must first earn a degree, consider certifications, obtain experience, and eventually apply for jobs. Komey dreams and aspires to manage 500 million across all funds and deals signed in the coming years.


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