Keeping Southeastern Pennsylvania Clean: How Joe Ochal and The Chimney Scientists are Helping Restore Homes and Limiting Their Carbon Footprint

Joe Ochal didn’t create The Chimney Scientists by chance. Rather it was a progressive work in progress. While navigating his way to a bachelor’s degree at Temple University, as well as garnering his master’s from Thomas Jefferson, he served as a part-time chimney contractor.

In founding the company, it allows him to serve as a blue collar worker while also incorporating his knowledge of science to help make the process more environmentally friendly too. 

The team at The Chimney Scientists have made numerous scientific advances in helping improve their process in fireplace and chimney maintenance, but also, in turn, while being conscious of their carbon footprint, helping the environment as well.

“Our company is customer-oriented and we are also passionate about helping reduce emissions and help clients eventually become more climate friendly,” stated Ochal.

Utilizing technology and tools that better help them service clients, The Chimney Scientists are making the cleaning and maintenance processes almost effortless. The team uses cameras to inspect chimneys and fireplaces and this method helps them make the most concise and educated decision for clients to repair and maintain their homes. As a result, their homes begin functioning more efficiently.

Per the company’s scientific methods and eco-friendly practices, including a comprehensive evaluation and consultation, not to mention high-quality and friendly customer service, Ochal and Co. provide customers with sound minds in knowing that they and their families are all safe.

“We have aspirations of eventually stretching from the East Coast to the West, but Philadelphia is our home and we are proud to be here,” said Ochal. “We will continue to lead in sustainability and environmentally-friendly chimney and fireplace efforts and see where it takes us.”

Get to Know The Chimney Scientists

The Chimney Scientists is a Philadelphia-based, full-service chimney and fireplace company that provides cleanings, inspections and repairs. The company is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and services most of Philly. Additionally, it also installs, maintains and sells high-quality, environmentally-conscious fireplace and chimney enhancements, like wood stoves and gas inserts.

The ‘City of Brotherly Love’ benefits from housing The Chimney Scientists as customers receive above-average customer service, which incorporates scientific methods and chemistry, including technology and tools that make fireplaces and chimneys safe and more operational.

Customers are consistently praising the services they receive from Ochal and Co. as they not only receive the best treatment but are also educated along the entire process so as not to be confused by anything.

“Our company is customer-oriented and we are ardently working to help reduce emissions and enable our clients to eventually become more climate friendly,” Ochal said.

Environmental Projects

Among the many environmentally-conscious initiatives The Chimney Scientists perform, an exciting one includes the company’s take on the future of firewood.

Ochal and Co. take much pride in reducing particulate emissions in firewood. Creosote is the cause for most fires in chimneys, which is a flammable substance left over from burning. By burning clean firewood, it reduces the amount of creosote in wood and limits the chance of fires.

“Storing and using firewood properly is more important than you think,” Ochal said. “It is also important as to whether clients are burning wood or if they use a gas fireplace. This gives us an idea as to how to best serve their needs.”

In utilizing cleaner and safer wood to burn, it not only reduces costs of repairs and makes one’s home safer, but it is also better for the environment. Ambient particulate matter exposure causes adverse health issues, which many epidemiological studies have found. Wood smoke only causes a fraction of particulate emissions compared to other forms of heat burning. In turn, these cleaner forms of heating can conquer climate change and improve air quality too.

‘When we first go to a client’s home, we ask about their lifestyles and fire-burning methods,” he stated. “We want to work closely with people and educate the public so they can burn wood guilt-free. Please put us out of business by using safe wood burning practices. That is actually what we want!”

Spreading the Wealth

Ochal and his team are always looking for new and innovative ways to not only improve their processes but also help the environment, on a global scale, via goodwill and philanthropy.

The Chimney Scientists have taken the industry by storm with the introduction of improved wood burning techniques, as well as moisture testing. These efforts help reduce particulate emissions, which bring down costs for homeowners, and help the Earth, humans and animals.

It’s a win-win scenario.

Ochal and Co. have a laundry list of philanthropic initiatives to their belt, having funded Afrilab Medical Diagnostic facilities, which pairs 47 Philly-based hospitals and 23 pharmacists with the West African healthcare system to develop x-rays, HIV tests and other critical care efforts.

The Chimney Scientists are also heavily involved with the Valley Forge Watershed Association (VFWA), in which they have combined to help make waterways and watershed ecosystems safer and cleaner, including the addition of equipment to perform duties too.

With all The Chimney Scientists do for both the city of Philadelphia and in helping other countries, whether cleaning chimneys and fireplaces or implementing efforts of goodwill, customers and the planet are benefiting.

About Joe Ochal and The Chimney Scientists

Joe Ochal is the Founder of The Chimney Scientists, serving the Philadelphia area. The Chimney Scientists is a full-service chimney and fireplace company that provides chimney and fireplace repairs, inspections, and cleanings, as well as historical restorations. To find out more about chimney repairs, please visit


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