Kareem Elmashad: True Representation of the New-Age Entrepreneur

Kareem Elmashad
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Egyptian entrepreneur who has already made his mark on the global technology scene, Kareem Elmashad is a true representation of the new age entrepreneur. With unyielding ambition and vision that transcends beyond the boundaries of conventions, he has become a game-changer in the hospitality industry. 

Kareem’s latest project is RSRVIT- Reserve It, a restaurant reservations system with a twist. This groundbreaking technology has already been featured on Forbes, where Kareem discussed his entrepreneurial experience and journey. The innovative app allows customers to reserve a restaurant table with a simple click or tap, providing convenience, faster turnarounds, and customization. RSRVIT-Reserve It is rapidly expanding to other countries worldwide, with significant partnership names such as Google, Apple, Meta, and Uber leading the charge.

What inspired you to start a restaurant reservation app in the Middle East, and what sets it apart from other reservation apps?
Growing up in the Middle East, I noticed a lack of convenient and efficient restaurant reservation options. I wanted to create an app that would make booking a table easier and more enjoyable for diners in the region. Our restaurant reservation app is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of Middle Eastern diners, offering a highly personalized experience. We consider cultural differences, dining habits, and local cuisine, so our users can find the perfect place to enjoy a meal. This sets our app apart from other reservation apps and makes it an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient and enjoyable dining experience.

What challenges have you faced while launching and growing the app in the Middle East, and how have you overcome them?
When we launched and grew our app in the Middle East, one of the main challenges we faced was gaining the trust of local restaurants. Many were hesitant to use the app due to concerns about the benefits it could provide. To overcome this, we focused on emphasizing the tangible benefits our app provided, such as increased visibility, more bookings, and streamlined operations. We also strived to build a strong relationship with each restaurant through personalized support and service. Ultimately, these efforts paid off, and we were able to successfully launch and grow our app in the Middle East.

Can you share some of the most successful marketing campaigns you have run to promote the app and engage with your target audience?
To maximize engagement with our target audience, we have launched several successful marketing campaigns, such as collaborations with popular food bloggers and influencers, targeted social media ads, and in-app promotions and discounts. We have also leveraged local events and festivals to connect with our target audience and drive app downloads. These campaigns have proven to be very successful in promoting our app and increasing user engagement. 

How do you ensure the quality and accuracy of the restaurant information listed on the app, such as menu items and pricing?
We take the accuracy and quality of the restaurant information listed on our app very seriously. To ensure that the menu items, pricing, and other details are always accurate, we have a dedicated team that works closely with each restaurant to verify and update their information on a regular basis. We also encourage diners to leave feedback and rate their dining experiences, so we can keep our app up-to-date with the most accurate information.

Can you discuss your approach to customer support and how you handle customer complaints and feedback?
At RSRVIT, we strive to provide the best customer support possible. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. We take a proactive approach to customer complaints and aim to resolve them quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we use customer feedback to further improve our app and ensure that it meets the needs of our users.

How does your app contribute to the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Middle East?
Our app provides a valuable platform to help restaurants in the Middle East grow and develop their business. Through our platform, restaurants can reach a much wider audience and increase bookings while also streamlining their operations. We also provide valuable resources such as events and workshops to help restaurants stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, making sure that they are well-equipped to stay competitive in the market.

Can you discuss the technology behind the app and how you ensure it remains secure and reliable?
Our app is powered by the latest in cutting-edge technology and is built on a secure, reliable, and scalable platform. We take extensive measures to ensure the security and privacy of our users’ data — from conducting regular security audits and implementing strict data protection policies to investing in disaster recovery and backup systems. This ensures that our app remains secure and reliable, no matter what.

Can you discuss the future plans and goals for the app and how you plan to continue to grow and expand in the Middle East and beyond?
At RSRVIT, our focus is to become the leading restaurant reservation app in the Middle East and beyond, delivering on our promise of providing amazing dining experiences for our users. We believe that there is great untapped potential in the Middle East, and we plan to grow and expand by continuously innovating our features and deepening our partnerships with restaurants and other players in the food and dining industry. By doing so, we strive to further solidify our place as a leader in the restaurant reservation market, helping our users gain access to amazing experiences and giving local restaurants an opportunity to reach new customers. 

Can you discuss your company culture and the values that drive the team and the company as a whole?
At RSRVIT, we believe in the power and potential of collaboration. We strive to create a positive and inclusive culture that values innovation, creativity, customer satisfaction, and the growth and development of our team. Our core values at RSRVIT drive us forward and are the foundation of our success. We foster an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, and accountability, all in an effort to drive innovation and growth. Together, these values offer an environment of positivity and purpose, helping us to achieve our potential.

How do you measure the success and impact of your app, and what metrics do you use to track performance and growth?
Measuring the success and impact of an app requires tracking important metrics such as app downloads, active users, customer satisfaction, and revenue generated. By monitoring these metrics, we can gain valuable insights into product improvements and identify opportunities for future growth. Additionally, tracking insights such as session length, user behavior, and user feedback can reveal areas of opportunity and enable more targeted marketing campaigns and product updates. With the right metrics in place, you will gain a better understanding of how your app is doing and be in a position to make data-driven decisions for future success.

Kareem Elmashad is a pioneer whose drive and ambition to make a difference have changed the industry. He is an example of how dedication, innovation and passion can take someone on an incredible journey and create a lasting impact on an entire industry.

Kareem’s entrepreneurship journey has been a remarkable gift to the hospitality industry, and we look forward to seeing him continue to innovate and make a lasting impact.


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