Joshua Chase Ignites a Movement with The Chase Collective, Guiding People to Uncover Their Full Potential

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Virginia Beach, VA – Joshua Chase, a husband, father, fireman, author, writer, public speaker, and combat military veteran, has launched The Chase Collective, a platform to help people own their life regardless of circumstance. As a life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker, Joshua draws from his experiences to offer others guidance and inspiration.

With a passion for leadership and purpose, Joshua writes and speaks about real-life experiences as they pertain to faith, family, the fire service, the military, and leadership. He has written several books and maintains a website to help others understand that they can live a life of purpose.

As a combat veteran of the United States Army, Joshua learned about leadership and discipline during his six years of service. He has been a firefighter for almost 18 years, where he has been promoted to Fire Lieutenant, and he enjoys speaking and writing about fire service leadership. In 2019, he received the Fire Service Medal of Honor for making a lifesaving grab during a two-alarm apartment fire.

Joshua is an advocate of continuous learning, growth, and leadership, and encourages others to make themselves uncomfortable and strive for progress. He has faced adversity at every level and makes a conscious decision daily not to quit.

For more information on Joshua Chase and The Chase Collective, visit or follow Joshua on LinkedIn and on Facebook @jumpseatleadership.


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