Josh Weinstein Helps Models Achieve Their Career Dreams

Many people consider modeling or acting to be their dream job. They believe that this profession presents them with unique growth opportunities and provides rare experiences that may not be available in other fields. Because so many people want to become a model, most runway aspirants are well aware of the competition in the industry. The best way to set oneself apart in the eyes of talent agencies, managers, and casting directors is to come prepared and equipped with the skills that help enhance an individual’s versatility as a model. Josh Weinstein and his company, Preview Models, have created a space for aspiring models to learn the ropes and increase their chances of becoming professional models.

Josh Weinstein started Preview Models in 2015, creating a platform for training and mentoring models and actors. He and his team have contributed to the success of thousands of models, and the company is well on its way to keeping this winning streak for the 7th year in a row. It is important to note that Preview Models is an international production company, not a talent agency. This company focuses on providing aspirants with all the tools they need to jumpstart their careers in entertainment and fashion.

Josh Weinstein created the Preview Model Process, which provides aspiring talents a four-day intensive course that culminates in a live runway show and a meet and greet with potential agents. In addition, he has called in celebrity models from the hit television show America’s Next Top Model and award-winning designers to mentor individuals at these events.

Josh shared, “The models work directly with celebrity mentors, they work directly with designers, and at the end of it all, these models will have accumulated skills and connections that would have taken them much longer to build on their own.”

Aside from modeling, Preview Models also provides these intensive courses for aspiring actors, having them work with a highly experienced acting coach.

Talent looking to book jobs in the entertainment industry needs to prepare a portfolio, video slates, and cards. These photos and documentation are necessary because they usually form the basis of a talent or casting agent’s first impression. Preview Models also provides photo shoots, video slate recording, and comp card printing packages in their process. This way, aspiring talent will have quality photos and documentation to present to potential agents and managers. 

In creating Preview Models, Josh Weinstein wanted to streamline the process for aspiring talent. He wanted to find a way for these passionate and talented individuals to begin their entertainment careers with their best foot forward. Leveraging the years of experience and the connections he has fostered, Josh provides these dreamers with prime opportunities to achieve their goals. 

Josh Weinstein has been widely successful with Preview Models, and his work has been recognized on television. He and his company have been featured on TLC and Discovery+, and as a result, more people are aware of what he can do to elevate individuals who want a career as actors and models. Josh has also worked with various musicians to help enhance the energy of the Preview Models live shows. He has partnered with KID INK, Rob $tone, Marc Bassy, Chanel West Coast, Minus Gravity, and Don Benjamin, to name a few.

Josh Weinstein has recently collaborated with Top Model and social media icon Don Benjamin to launch their apparel company Cre8Luck. “It’s an apparel company like no other,” Josh exclaimed, “Because customers can win lucky prizes just for purchasing a shirt.” And these lucky prizes can come in the form of gift cards, movie premiere invitations, cash prizes, and even luxury prizes like a free vacation or an exotic car. In 2021, Cre8Luck gave away a Vanderhall Blackjack to one fortunate customer. This year, the company is gearing up to release a new apparel line and give away over $200,000 worth of prizes. 

Josh Weinstein has had a positive impact on so many individuals with Preview Models. Not only does he provide them with training, but he also gives them a chance to shine on the national stage and earn a place in the highly competitive entertainment industry.


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