John Kippen Motivating His Audience Using His Magical Powers

Armed with his favorite quote, “Feed your heart with your art,” John Kippen has successfully taken motivational speaking and magical stagecraft to a whole new level because he is one of a select few speakers who combines imagic with a motivational message, John no doubt is the leader of a tribe, and if there is no one like him at the moment, he doesn’t mind a few upcoming motivational speakers taking advantage of magical tricks to drive home their points.

Having lived a life that can be described as tumultuous in the very least, John experienced facial paralysis resulting from having a brain tumor removed. In his most challenging period as an adult, he turned to magic and performed on stage before an audience which helped him restore and rebuild his self-confidence. “The more I performed, the more I realized that my facial differences do not define me,” he said. “Losing my self-esteem after my surgery and regaining it after finding how much performing magic brought me joy.”

John Kippen is a difficult man to keep up with, especially considering his busy schedule, which has seen him perform in over 6,000 shows for an audience of between three to 700 people in the last six years. And based on reviews and general reactions to his performances, he is confident his audience does not leave his performances only entertained; they leave inspired—the inspiration and desire to change something they do not like about themselves. The most popular catchphrase being “If John can, I can.”

John Kippen is a human like every other person. As much as magic does for him, his life does not essentially revolve around magic, because according to him, his interaction with the magic only begins at noon, before which he spends a few hours managing his bi-coastal IT service company.

“By noon, I shift to finding ways I can share my message of ‘Being Different is your Superpower. I am constantly developing new magic illusions to help illustrate my message. I visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood and find groups to perform for in the evening. I find that my actions speak as loudly as I do, which immediately gives me authenticity. I take interest in my audience and make the magic about them, and I am just the conduit.”

Aside from inspiring people and making lasting impressions with his magic tricks, John hopes to continue to be in a position where his magical abilities grab the audience’s attention so that his message can be heard and continually appreciated. Having conquered the local demographic, he hopes to become a national and international sensation within the next five years, following from as many countries on as many continents as possible. He also plans to publish his book and perform on some of the world’s most famous stages and venues.

To book John Kippen for your private event or to learn more about his craft, visit his website.


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