Jenni Graham Helping Businesses Scale and Giving Back to Society

Society as we know it is dynamic, yet complicated as it is; individuals, brands, and businesses time and time again require expert opinion to help them remain competitive and viable and, in the long run, scale their businesses to enviable heights. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to access these professionals as everyone parades themselves to be what they are not. For Jenni Graham, her work as a philanthropist who has helped numerous young people stay on track and express their creativity. 

Jenni Graham is a brand style curator, a humble personality who has dedicated her expertise to helping other entrepreneurs push for excellence and success in their industry. She is a published author, brand strategist, certified wardrobe stylist, business consultant, speaker, and host of global business classes. As a result of her expertise and results over the years, Jenni earned herself the tag name “The Brand Style Curator.” She continues to live up to her name by helping small to midsize entrepreneurs, and companies put their best foot forward when it comes to their branding, both personal and business-wise. 

Jenni is the founder and CEO of lifestyle brands JCHIC LifeStyle Brand, the Wealthy Vibes Tribe™ and The Brand Boss Academy™. Her mode of operations includes availing aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs with tips and proven strategies and coaching them through their style, branding efforts, PR, and marketing strategies. According to her, this was a call she had to heed because the competition in the business space is so high that someone had to simplify the process for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

For Jenni, one of the strategies that worked for her was realizing early on in her career as an entrepreneur that the business industry is not a walk in the park. According to her, growth is not accidental, and without having put in the required efforts, one’s business will continue to lag and suffer setbacks. Therefore, for small and medium scale business owners who are struggling to remain profitable or expand their operations the way they want, Jenni is utilizing her expertise to help them scale their business and hit their first six figures in business. “We are a full-service agency providing high functioning economic development for entrepreneurs and small to midsize brands. We offer business to consumers and business to business products and services. This makes us very unique in our industry and carved out our niche for us to be the leaders we are in the market today.” 

Jenni came from nothing; today, she has built an enterprise from the ground up. She is currently a member of Forbes with Forbes the Culture; she is an AIRBNB Experience Host, an Amazon Influencer with five stars rating on Google, and a member of the Facebook Leadership Community. She is also the founder of JCHIC Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit that is on a mission to address teenage pregnancy and young male violence in urban communities by creating an outlet for expression through arts. 

Jenni Graham is no doubt a leader in her own right within the business world; she is also a community leader who leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to ensure that no individual or business is left behind.  

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