James Vitas & VMD Companies Announces New Development in Littleton, MA

James Vitas, the founder and chairman of VMD Companies, is excited to announce a new development that will be taking place in the town of Littleton, Massachusetts. 

Mr. Vitas just acquired some property and is in the process of creating a 150,000 SQ FT distribution facility for PODS, Americas  most successful moving and storage firm..

Littleton, MA, was well-known for the apple orchards, food farms, and dairy farms located within its borders. A significant number of farms are still in operation to this day. 

Today, Littleton has a population of just under 10,000 persons and has managed to preserve the quaintness of a New England little town by preserving its historic buildings and retaining its ample open space.

Since the new building has enough room for offices and other essential infrastructure to support more than fifty workers, it will bring an inflow of new employment opportunities as well as economic advantages to the surrounding neighborhood.

The development strategy of VMD Companies, which is focused on the creation of high-value facilities that boost efficiency while also increasing the customer experience, is followed by this approach.


This initiative is not just wonderful news for Littleton but also for PODS, as it will allow them to grow their operations throughout the nation in a more effective manner in order to satisfy the demand from consumers. Littleton will benefit from this project, but PODS will benefit from it as well.

In addition, as part of PODS’ ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact, the company has planned the facility with a focus on maximizing its energy efficiency by making extensive use of recycled materials and minimizing waste at every stage of the construction process.

VMD Companies is certain that this new construction will be a benefit to both Littleton and PODS over the long run and that many generations will use it to come.

James Vitas Serving As Chairman

James Vitas serves as the Executive Chairman as well as the Founder of VMD Companies, which is a commercial real estate corporation that was established in 2004.

Mr. Vitas has successfully directed VMD through years of strong growth despite turbulent market circumstances such as the Great Recession, the financial crisis, and the COVID-19 epidemic. He is committed to generating great returns via equity syndication and inventive loan structuring.

Mr. Vitas has a substantial amount of knowledge of the procedures pertaining to acquisition and entitlement, as well as financing, leasing, and disposal methods. He is completely committed to value-added investment ideas that will maximize returns for the company’s shareholders.

He maintains solid relationships with a limited partnership (LP) base of investors and a robust network of high-profile connections to assure his venture’s success.

Prior to establishing VMD Companies in 2004, James spent the previous six years working as a Director in the real estate investment banking division of UBS Warburg.

During the course of his employment there, he was accountable for more than $4 billion worth of capital markets transactions across the industry as a whole, including office, retail, industrial/flex space, and single-family housing transactions in a number of different regions, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. These transactions were spread across the country.

In addition to this remarkable accomplishment, James has extensive experience serving as a mergers and acquisitions advisor for a variety of public corporations, including Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE: EOP) and Archstone Smith Trust. This work has provided James with valuable industry knowledge.

Mr. Vitas’s ability to design new solutions that have provided good returns for VMD’s customers while navigating unpredictable markets through challenging times is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.

This was made possible by the combination of his extensive history in real estate financing and investment management, which made it possible for him to accomplish this feat.

When it comes to making investments in commercial real estate, James Vitas stands apart from the rest of the pack for reasons that are easy to understand. 

He has a unique perspective on the complex market conditions that exist today, and he is dedicated to locating possibilities that will yield outstanding returns on equity investments made by his partners in locations all over the world.


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